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Analysis on Abnormal Noise of Komatsu Excavator Engine

The speed of the engine, the load carried by the engine, the temperature of the engine, and the working circulating oil pipe of the engine are all factors that influence the incidence of anomalous noise faults in Komatsu engines. As a result, you can narrow down the origin of abnormal noise in a Komatsu engine by looking at the location of the abnormal noise.

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The Cause of Abnormal Noise of Komatsu Engine “Relationship Between Engine Speed”

  • The engine makes an unnatural noise when it is idle or running at a low pace. The gap between the piston and the cylinder wall of the Komatsu engine is too large, or the piston pin is assembled too tightly, or the gap between the tappet and the Komatsu engine’s guiding hole is too large, and so on.
  • At a certain speed, the odd noise of the Komatsu engine appears. The engine’s crankshaft may be damaged, the piston pin bushing may be loose, the engine’s camshaft timing gear may be shattered or its fixing nut may be loose.
  • When the Komatsu engine accelerates quickly, abnormal noise develops. Loose connecting rod bearing, burning bearing bush, rotation owing to inconsistent size, loose crankshaft bearing or burning bearing bush, fractured piston pin, damaged crankshaft, and so on are all possible causes.
  • Excavator Engine

The Relationship Between the Abnormal Noise of the Komatsu Engine and the Load of the Excavator

  • The strange noise occurs when one of the engine’s cylinders is misfired, and it goes away after a while. The engine piston may be knocking the cylinder, the connecting rod bearing may be loose, or the piston ring may be leaking.
  • Abnormal noise occurs when a particular cylinder of the engine is not in use, yet the abnormal noise becomes louder. This could be caused by: a loose copper sleeve on the piston pin, a too-large taper on the piston skirt, a protruding piston pin, or a loose connecting rod. The connecting rod bearing alloy is scorched and melted off, or the bearing cap fixing bolts are too loose, etc.
  • If the engine has a misfire between two neighboring cylinders, the strange noise of the Komatsu engine could be caused by a loose crankshaft bearing.

Excavator Engine

The Relationship Between Abnormal Noise of Komatsu Engine and Temperature

  • Abnormal noise at low temperatures; when the temperature rises, the abnormal noise fades. The anomalous noise produced by the Komatsu engine is caused by a significant gap between the piston and the cylinder wall, or by low engine oil pressure and poor lubrication.
  • Strange noise at high temperatures that fades as the temperature drops. The reason for the anomalous Komatsu engine noise is that the piston is deformed, the clearance of the piston ring is too small, or it is produced by overheating and early combustion.

The reasons for the strange loudness of the Komatsu excavator engine are discussed above. If you have any doubts, you are also welcome to leave us a message, and we can discuss them together.


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