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Is Buying the OEM Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit Necessary?

If you’re familiar with Landtopmall, you should be aware that we sell aftermarket diesel engine parts. But do you understand the distinction between aftermarket and OEM parts? Maybe you do, but we get a lot of calls, so no. Genuine aftermarket parts are those that are not manufactured by the engine manufacturer. OEM stands for […]


The Common Damage of Diesel Engine Crankshaft and its Inspection and Repair

The crankshaft’s job is to work with the connecting rod to convert the piston’s gas pressure into torque and send it to the driven working machine. The crankshaft is subjected to the action of gas pressure as well as the inertial force and moment generated by reciprocating and rotating motion during engine operation. The crankshaft […]


Understand the Structure and Principle of Turbocharger in Seconds

Now most car companies produce turbocharged models, and consumers are increasingly accepting turbochargers, so what exactly is a turbocharger? How does a turbocharger work? 1. Overview A turbocharger is actually an air compressor that increases the amount of intake air by compressing it. 2. Principle The turbocharger uses the inertial impulse of the exhaust gas […]

engine crankshaft

Excavator Engine Crankshaft Fracture Problem

The fracture of the crankshaft usually starts from the smallest crack, and most of the cracks occur in the connection part with the crank arm at the fillet of the connecting rod journal of the head cylinder or the end cylinder. During the operation, the crack gradually expands and suddenly breaks when it reaches a […]

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head Crack Location, Cause and Repair Method

If the cylinder head is cracked, we need to analyze and study its location, cause and how to repair it, because if it is not handled in time or improperly handled, it is likely to cause serious consequences, so it is also necessary. The following is a discussion and analysis of the location, cause and […]

What Are the Effects of Ineffective Lubrication of Bearings?

Some bearings do not need to be lubricated during use. These is called oil-free lubricated bearings, and many bearings need to be lubricated and maintained during use, and it is also very important whether the lubrication is appropriate. It is lubricated, but it is not done properly, which is the so-called ineffective lubrication, which will […]

Four Ways to Judge Whether the Fuel Injector Needs to Be Cleaned

Although the fuel injector is only a little big, it is the most important part of the car, mainly because the fuel injector plays the role of atomizing gasoline. Once the fuel injector fails, the most intuitive feeling when the vehicle is driving is that the power of the vehicle decreases, the fuel consumption increases, […]

Water Tank

Why does the Water Tank of a Diesel Engine “Boil”?

Water and bubbles are streaming out of the diesel engine’s water tank coolant filling port, resembling boiling water in a pot. The high temperature of diesel automobiles without a cooling system could be attributed to the radiator’s inadequate heat dissipation. The heat dissipation area of the radiator and the windward region of the radiator will […]

intake valve

What Should I Do if the Intake Valve and Valve Seat Are Worn?

The intake valve consists of a valve body, a rotary check valve, a butterfly valve and a control cylinder. The rotary check valve has its own counterweight and fluororubber sealing ring. When the compressor is turned on, the main body of the compressor inhales. Due to the pressure difference, the check valve opens quickly. The […]


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