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Causes and Treatment of Cylinder Knock Failure – Part 2

The last blog, LANDTOPMALL, talked about the causes and solutions of some knocking failures. This blog LANDTOPMALL will describe the remaining reasons and how to deal with them. Of course, if you don’t even know what a cylinder liner is, you can read the previous blog of LANDTOPMALL.

Next, the rest will be explained by LANDTOPMALL.

The cylinder liner is a cylindrical part, which is placed in the cylinder block hole of the body and is pressed and fixed by the cylinder head. The piston reciprocates in its inner hole and is cooled by cooling water outside

Poor Cooling

Poor cooling will lead to the excessive temperature of the cylinder and piston, and poor lubrication; poor cooling will cause the piston and cylinder liner to overheat and over-expand and deform, losing the original normal clearance and pulling the cylinder. The reasons for poor cooling are: insufficient discharge pressure of the cooling water pump, insufficient water supply Insufficient or interrupted; the cooling water cavity is rusted or dirty; the water contains air bubbles, which accumulate in the cooling cavity and are not released, causing air resistance; the water quality is too dirty and the water temperature is too high.


Piston Rings Not Working Properly

If the opening gap is too small, the piston ring will break; if the space between the sky and the ground is too small, the piston ring will be stuck; too many carbon deposits will make the piston ring stick to the ring groove and lose its elasticity, causing fracture or gas leakage; the opening gap is too large or seriously worn, Gas leakage occurs. The leakage of gas destroys the lubricating oil film and makes the surface temperature too high. After the piston ring is broken, the fragments are easy to fall into the piston cylinder, causing the cylinder to pull and bite the cylinder.

Burning Inferior Fuel

Incomplete combustion brings more combustion residues; the afterburning phenomenon is serious, which increases the exhaust gas temperature, and technical measures are not taken in time; the cylinder lubrication base value is not suitable. The cylinder is pulled due to overheating expansion or poor alignment of moving parts.

Repair Assembly Errors

When repairing the assembly error, the piston pin snap ring is missing or not fully installed. When the diesel engine is working, the piston pin spits out and scratches the cylinder liner, causing the cylinder to pull. The cleaning work during installation is poor, and metal chips or hard objects are brought into the cylinder. It will also cause the cylinder to pull. In addition, the wrong installation of the piston ring, reverse installation, or missing installation can cause the cylinder to be pulled. The piston ring is divided into an oil ring and an air ring. The oil ring is mainly used to scrape oil and improve the lubrication conditions of the cylinder liner. The air ring The main purpose is to ensure the sealing between the piston and the cylinder liner. According to the different working conditions and pressure, each gas ring is different in material selection and structural design. With insufficient or no oil scraping effect, the lubricating condition of the inner surface of the cylinder liner is deteriorated, resulting in a lack of oil and causing the cylinder to be pulled.

Well, at this point, all the knowledge about the cylinder liner is explained. Including what is a cylinder liner, the cause, prevention of knocking cylinder failure, etc. If you want to know more about parts, pay attention to LANDTOPMALL, you will have unexpected surprises.

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