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Classification of internal combustion engine in the form of layout

The engine is the core part of the car, how is the performance of a car, the engine plays a decisive role I can’t tell you what this l, V, and w mean, and what’s the difference between Numbers? Today we’ll look at the rules of the engine. Cylinder arrangement form, as the name implies, refers to the form of multi-cylinder internal combustion engine each cylinder arrangement, frankly speaking, is in the form of a queue discharged by an engine saic cylinder.

What are the L, V, H, and W for the engine?

Let’s look at what kinds of internal combustion engines are. If the fuel is different, the engine has gasoline, diesel, and methanol. If there are direct lines, horizontal pairs, v, h, w, and other engine forms according to the layout form, what do l, v, h, w, and so on? L, V, H, and W represent the layout of the engine cylinder body.

L straight train engine

L is a straight line, which means that the cylinder is lined up in a straight line, just like we stand at attention. Its cylinder body and crankshaft structure are simple. It USES a cylinder head. The internal combustion engine is a direct train engine, usually abbreviated as L, and the number behind it is what it means to represent how many cylinders. The direct line layout is the most widely used cylinder arrangement, especially on engines with displacement below 2.5L. All cylinders of this layout engine are set in one place at the same Angle, and only one cylinder cover is used, and the cylinder body and crankshaft structure are relatively simple as if the cylinder station becomes a column. The disadvantage of the direct engine is that the power is small. LandTopmall is a professional engine parts supplier with many years of experience. We sell crank connecting rod mechanisms, cylinder head, and body, valve mechanism design, fuel injection systems, etc. If there is a need, welcome to consult to buy.

V engine

There is a certain Angle between the cylinder of the v-type engine, which looks like the letter V from the side. The advantage of the oblique cylinder can shorten the height and length of the engine, leaving more space for the driving cabin. In addition, due to the large space between the cylinders, it is convenient to expand the diameter of the cylinder to improve the engine displacement and power. The disadvantage of the v-type engine is that two cylinder heads must be used.

H engine

The h-type engine is a horizontal opposite engine, and its cylinder is divided into two or three cylinders, each side is symmetrical, and the pistons on the left and right sides are 180 pairs of pistons, just like two people pulling a saw. In the horizontal layout of the h-type engine, the vehicle has a low center of gravity and more smooth driving, and the torque generated by the piston on both sides of the engine cancels each other, reduces the vibration of the engine, and reduces noise. This is the engine that Subaru USES.

Classification of internal combustion engine in the form of layout

W engine

W engine is the German Volkswagen exclusive engine technology, strictly speaking, the W engine belongs to the variant of the V engine, each side of the cylinder on the v-type basis of the small Angle staggered, becomes the W engine. It takes less space and lighter weight. The disadvantage is that the width is larger, the engine compartment is more full, and the structure is more complex and expensive.  In summary L-type engines are widely used in three-cylinder and four-cylinder, and even six-cylinder engines are arranged in the l-type cylinder, which is arranged in a zigzag shape. V shape is generally the six-cylinder eight-cylinder ten-cylinder ten cylinder engine adopts the relatively advanced arrangement, the cylinder is divided into two groups, the two sets of cylinders are arranged with a certain Angle, usually 60 degrees, from the side to show V shape, so the name is named. The W engine is not a combination of two sets of micro engines, but the cylinder is approximately a W arrangement, which belongs to a variation of micro engines.


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