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Do You Know Some Cool Knowledge About Turbocharger for PC300 Komatsu Engine?

I believe that with the introduction of so many blogs from LANDTOPMALL, you have learned a lot about the turbocharger for the PC300 Komatsu engine. This article mainly introduces the relevant news about turbochargers. As an aid, it helps you to have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the turbocharger.

News about Turbocharger for the PC300 Komatsu Engine

Counterfeit turbocharger for PC300 Komatsu engine has been a problem that has plagued the turbocharger technology of generator manufacturers for many years, and its scale is huge and has spread to the global market. It often attracts consumers at a low price, but there are huge dangers that many customers are unaware of. Fake and inferior turbochargers for PC300 Komatsu engine may have impeller burst, serious shell cracking, debris splashing, and even fuel injection fire. The flying debris may damage the engine, penetrate the car body, injure passersby, puncture the fuel pipe and cause a fire, threatening life!

Turbocharger for PC300 Komatsu Engine

In the face of counterfeit products, many generator manufacturers have never stopped fighting against them, safeguarding their own rights and interests, and countering challenges through various effective ways. Looking back at the anti-counterfeiting process of the turbocharger technology of generator manufacturers, every step is a firm counterattack against counterfeit products.

At the end of May 2011, a merchant selling counterfeit Holset turbochargers in Shandong, China was convicted of infringement and paid RMB 50,000 in compensation. The counterfeit retail store was discovered by lawyers in 2010 that was selling counterfeit Holset turbochargers, which seriously violated the exclusive right to the registered trademark of Cummins generator manufacturer’s turbocharger technology.

In July 2008, a professional anti-counterfeiting agency authorized by the Cummins generator manufacturer’s turbocharger technology, together with China’s Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, investigated and dealt with a merchant selling counterfeit turbochargers, and confiscated 32 counterfeit Holset turbochargers.

On May 2, 2010, Cummins generator manufacturer Turbocharger Technology filed a lawsuit in 2006 against a supercharger factory in Wuxi City, China for infringing the Holset trademark and selling counterfeit superchargers, and was selected as a successful case. “Ten typical intellectual property cases in the city”.

With firm determination and strong support from the administrative law enforcement department, the fight against counterfeiting of turbocharging technology by many generator manufacturers will continue, maintaining genuine products and legitimate rights and interests through constant struggle against counterfeit traders, and helping to build and maintain a good market Economic order!

The reason why I want to use an article today is to talk about news about turbochargers for the PC300 Komatsu engine. I want to tell everyone not to buy pirated turbochargers, and to tell turbocharger manufacturers not to worry about being infringed. Regardless of whether it is China or any other country, they are working hard to safeguard legitimate rights and interests. Trust me, the turbo market will get better and better. If you want to buy a genuine turbocharger or other genuine parts, visit LANDTOPMALL‘s shop, you can be satisfied.


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