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Correct Maintenance and Use of Excavator Turbocharger

The turbocharger uses the exhaust gas discharged from the engine to drive the turbine. No matter how advanced it is, it is still a set of mechanical devices. Because its working environment often works at high speed and high temperature, the temperature of the turbocharger exhaust gas turbine end is above 600 degrees, and the turbocharger is supercharged. The speed of the supercharger is also very high, so to ensure the normal operation of the supercharger, it is very important to use and maintain it correctly.


Under low-temperature conditions, the increase of fuel viscosity is not conducive to the atomization and combustion of fuel, the poor fluidity of lubricating oil increases the resistance of various moving parts, coupled with the influence of factors such as the reduction of battery working capacity, it is easy to cause difficulty in starting the engine, Parts wear, power decreases, fuel consumption increases and power performance decreases. To ensure that all kinds of construction machinery can be safely put into use in cold conditions, daily maintenance should be done well, and it is best to install a low-temperature auxiliary starting system. LandTopMall provides you with turbochargers and accessories suitable for major brands. The accessories suitable for Yanmar 3tnv70 are the star products of our mall. Welcome to buy!


excavator turbocharger


Four Common Low-Temperature Starting Methods

(1) Add cold starting fluid

Cold starter fluid is an auxiliary starting fuel (consisting of ether, hydrocarbons with a low volatile point, and low-freezing point oil with additives) to which the low-freezing point oil with additives is added to improve cylinder wall lubrication conditions, to achieve the purpose of starting. Since diethyl ether has better volatility, easy ignition, and compression ignition, the more diethyl ether content, the lower the temperature at which the diesel engine can be directly started, but the rougher the diesel engine will work when starting. Therefore, when using cold starting fluid, it must be filled according to the specified amount, and must not be added in excess. Although this kind of starting method can start the engine in an instant, due to the low temperature and high viscosity of the oil at this time, there is not much oil on the cylinder wall for some time after starting, and the lubrication conditions are bad, and the body of the engine reciprocates and rotates when it is working. Dry friction will be formed between the moving parts, which will increase the wear of the parts; therefore, after starting the engine with cold starting fluid, do not increase the throttle operation. , and control the injection time, injection position, and injection volume. In addition, do not directly inject the starting fluid from the air inlet of the air filter, so as not to affect the quality of the air filter element and increase the injection volume of the lifting fluid, which will cause the engine cold engine to start running over speed. According to the above instructions, it is recommended to use cold start liquid with caution.


(2) Circulating water heating system (also known as fuel heater heating system)

This is a new low-temperature auxiliary starting method adopted in recent years. This low-temperature starting method uses the fuel heater. The attached water pump draws out the coolant in the engine body, heats it through the fuel heater, and then circulates it to the engine body. , to heat the engine and achieve the purpose of starting the engine under low-temperature conditions.

The whole heating process of this low-temperature starting method takes 30-40 minutes, and the temperature of the engine body can be heated to about 40-50 °C. At this time, the engine oil is also heated, the viscosity of the oil is reduced, and the lubricating conditions of the engine under low-temperature conditions are improved. , so that the engine starts smoothly. This low-temperature starting method has obvious advantages, which greatly improves the starting performance of the engine under low-temperature and cold conditions. It is recommended to use it. ZLG50C plateau loader and TLG210A plateau bulldozer adopt this low-temperature starting method, and the starting effect is good.


(3) flame preheating start

The minimum working temperature of the flame preheating device is -40℃, and the working process is electronically controlled automatically. The flame preheating starting device is generally composed of an electronic controller, a solenoid valve, a temperature sensor, a flame glow plug, a fuel pipe, and a wire. The working process of the device is that after heating the glow plug to 850-950 ℃, the starter is turned on, and the solenoid valve automatically opens the oil circuit supplies oil to the glow plug through the fuel pipe, and starts the flame preheating. After using this device to start the engine, Due to the low temperature and high viscosity of the oil at this time, there is not much oil on the cylinder wall for some time after starting, and the lubrication conditions are poor. The wear of the parts is aggravated; because the high temperature generated in the friction can melt the metal on the friction surface, it is easy to cause the parts to be stuck. Therefore, after using the flame preheating device to start the engine, it should be avoided to increase the throttle operation, otherwise, it will easily cause a cylinder pulling accident. For solenoid valves and other accessories for Yanmar b55w, please call (+852) 63548665 to LandTopMall to order.


(4) Other preheating methods

In addition to the above-mentioned preheating methods, the hot water preheating method (injecting hot water heated to the boiling point into the cooling system) can also be used in the steam preheating method (the upper steam enters the cooling system from the lower water pipe of the water tank through the pipeline, or directly enters the engine Cooling water jacket), electric preheating method (insert the heater directly into the cooling system or oil, this method has high thermal efficiency and is more convenient to use) and other methods for a low-temperature startup.


Daily use and maintenance

The status of the turbocharger can be controlled through daily maintenance and careful use. In the final analysis, as long as the following maintenance work is done in place, the turbocharger will be fine!

  1. After the excavator is started, it is not possible to directly turn the accelerator knob as soon as the vehicle is driven. It should be run at idle speed for 3-5 minutes first. This is to increase the temperature of the oil and improve the flow performance so that the turbocharger can be fully lubricated. Only then can the engine speed be increased before it can be used normally.
  2. After the excavator runs at high speed for a long time, it cannot be turned off immediately. The reason is that the turbocharger is lubricated by oil. If it suddenly stops, the oil pressure will drop to zero rapidly. At this time, the turbo part of the turbocharger is still rotating at a high speed under the action of inertia, which will cause a gap between the turbocharger shaft and the shaft sleeve. It is damaged by “biting to death”, so the engine should be idle for about 3-5 minutes before the engine is turned off so that the rotor speed of the turbocharger drops and then stops.
  3. The engine oil and filter must be kept clean to prevent impurities from entering because the matching gap between the shaft and the shaft sleeve of the turbocharger is very small. If the lubricating ability of the oil decreases, the turbocharger will be damaged or even scrapped.
  4. It is necessary to maintain the air filter on time to prevent dust and other impurities from entering the high-speed rotating compressor impeller, resulting in unstable rotation speed or increased wear of shaft sleeves and seals.

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