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Correct Use and Maintenance Methods of Five Parts of Excavator

The correct maintenance of the five major parts of the excavator can keep the excavator in good working condition and improve the service life of the excavator, which is a very important thing! The editors of LandTopMall will give you the following explanations:

Engine Part

  1. The oil and oil filter elements must be replaced with genuine parts and replaced according to the specified maintenance cycle.
  2. Use diesel fuel provided by regular gas stations as much as possible, and it is best to filter it before adding it.
  3. Drain water at the bottom of the diesel tank and the oil-water separator before starting work every day.
  4. Check the air filter frequently.
  5. Do not use idle speed for a long time to save fuel to prevent carbon deposition.
  6. Check the water tank pump every day to prevent water shortage and leakage, so as not to cause a high temperature of the engine or cylinder flushing.

Hydraulic Travel Rotation System

  1. Replace the hydraulic oil, oil return filter element, and pilot filter element according to the specified maintenance cycle, and pay attention to whether the filter element has adsorbed iron filings and copper filings. When the crusher is used, the deterioration and deterioration of the hydraulic oil are accelerated, and the replacement cycle should be shortened.
  2. Do not work without oil for a long time. After changing hydraulic oil or hydraulic components, pay attention to venting air. Pay attention to waterproofing, do not work in deep water, and do not directly wash electrical components with water when cleaning.
  3. Rotary reducer and traveling reducer replace gear oil periodically.

Electrical System

  1. Pay attention to waterproofing, do not work in deep water, and do not directly wash electrical components with water when cleaning.
  2. Do not stack sundries, especially metal tools, etc. in the battery box, which are easy cause a fire.
  3. Do not use iron wire and copper wire instead of insurance, and do not replace them with substandard insurance.
  4. When the excavator is parked for a long time, the battery cable should be removed to prevent power feeding.
  5. Instruments, computer boards, fuse boxes, sensors, solenoid valves, and bus parts are protected from rain.

Chassis and Four Wheels

  1. Regular maintenance and inspection of the four-wheel area mean the driving wheel, the guide wheel, the supporting wheel, the supporting wheel, and the track and cleaning of the soil.
  2. Pay attention to cleaning the dirt and debris in the pin shaft part and adding butter. When wading in the water, when the water overflows the rotating ring gear, pay attention to replacing the grease in the rotating ring gear.
  3. Pay attention to the rust prevention of the cylinder rod.
  4. When the excavator is parked for a long time, apply butter to the exposed metal parts to prevent rust.

Big and Small Arms, Hydraulic Cylinders, Bucket Parts

  1. Check whether the pin bolts are loose, fall off or missing every day, and fasten them in time.
  2. Check the structure every day for cracking and deformation. Pay attention to the surrounding environment when parking the excavator, and park it on solid, stable, and hard ground.
  3. When parked, the bucket cylinder is fully retracted, and the bucket falls to the ground to prevent the cylinder from being hit.
  4. Pay attention to prevent the cylinder piston rod from being scratched and oil leakage.
  5. The tooth tips of the bucket tooth seat, the pin bushing of the connecting rod H frame are loose, and the pin bushing of the boom and the swing bracket is loose.


After the electrical equipment of the excavator construction machinery fails, scientific, convenient, accurate, and safe methods should be adopted for diagnosis, and the necessary maintenance principles should be followed. Consult with LandTopMall’s accessories experts and they will give you the best choice. For Yanmar 3tnv70 parts have very good sales in LandTopMall.

Wheel Loader

Diagnosis Method

(1)  Visual inspection method

This method does not use any equipment, does not change the circuit wiring, and only directly observes, inspects, and judges the fault using sight, hearing, smell, and touch-based on the external manifestation of the electrical fault. The practice has proved that most faults of electrical equipment can be found by the visual inspection method, so the visual inspection method should be used first for the maintenance of electrical equipment faults. The visual inspection method can adopt the observation method without electricity and the observation method with electricity.

When repairing electrical components after a fault is found, it is not only necessary to replace the damaged components but to analyze and find the real cause of the fault and other components that are jointly damaged according to the circuit principle. Otherwise, the real failure factor has not been eliminated, and the replaced components will be damaged after the equipment is turned on and used.

(2) Comparison inspection method

This method is to compare the test data with the parameters of the drawing data and operation records to judge the fault. For electrical equipment without data and operation records, it can be compared with the same type of electrical equipment in good condition. When the electrical components in the circuit belong to the same control function or multiple components jointly control the same equipment, the fault can be judged by the action of other similar or the same power supply components.

(3)   Voltage detection method

The voltage detection method includes not only checking the various power supply voltages of electrical equipment, but also the static potential of all levels of electronic tubes, transistors, and integrated circuits. According to the power supply mode of the electrical appliance, the method detects the voltage value and current value of each point and compares them with the normal value to judge the fault point. When performing fault inspection, first measure whether the voltage is normal. Even if the circuit part is where the fault is located, it is necessary to measure whether the voltage of each key point in the circuit is normal. This is useful for finding damaged components and analyzing the cause of the fault. Very helpful.

In addition, the measurement of the current in the circuit often also adopts the method of measuring the voltage drop across the resistance and then converting it with Ohm’s law. Comparing the measured value to the normal value of the circuit voltage can quickly identify damaged components and pinpoint the cause of the failure. If you need Yanmar 4tnv98 engine parts, you can contact us!

(4) Resistance measurement method

In many cases, the machine cannot continue to be energized after a fault occurs, that is, the current, voltage, waveform, etc. cannot be measured, and the resistance measurement method is very suitable. Component damage, deterioration, short-circuit, open-circuit, poor grounding, and other faults of connecting wires, the current, voltage, and waveform methods can generally only determine the approximate location, and the resistance measurement method is still required to find the fault point after Z.

When making resistance measurements, attention should be paid to the effect of parallel circuits, that is, when measuring a single resistance, if there is a parallel resistance, it should be disconnected. When measuring larger resistances, do not pinch the exposed part of the test leads with both hands to cause measurement errors. When checking the insulation resistance value of the circuit, motor, and cable with a megohmmeter, it should be noted that the working voltage cannot exceed the withstand voltage of the relevant parts in the circuit to prevent breakdown and cause no damage. When measuring the resistance of a circuit with an electric meter or an undischarged capacitor in series, special attention should be paid to measurement safety.

(5) Short-circuit test method

That is, select a wire with good insulation and short-circuit the suspected open circuit part. If it is shorted to a certain place, the circuit returns to normal, indicating that the short-circuited part is an open circuit. The specific operation can take the local short-circuit method and the long-circuit short-circuit method.

(6) Conversion element method

The cause of the failure of some circuits is not easy to find out. When a part of a component is suspected to be faulty, you can use intact parts or components of the same type to be exchanged and compared to confirm whether the fault is caused by this. If the exchange works normally, it can be determined that the fault occurred on the replaced part or component. Sometimes I feel that the failure phenomenon is very complicated, and it is even difficult to start. Using the conversion element method is effective. When using the conversion component method to check, you should pay attention to check whether the removed components are damaged. Only when it is determined that it is damaged, you can call (+852) 63548665 or log in to the LandTopMall official website to purchase new imported components and replace them in time.


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