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Cylinder Liner Function

Cylinder Liner Function is the central working part of a reciprocating engine or pump and is the space where the piston moves,such as 4d94le engine,4tnv88 engine and 4tnv94 engine.The problem of cylinder wear is considerable, which has been solved by the use of cylinder liners. The cylinder liner is cylindrical and made of a special alloy of iron containing silicon, manganese, nickel and chromium. They are centrifugally cast. Some of the primary functions of cylinder liners are to provide a smooth sliding surface, reduce leakage, and provide space for coolant heat transfer. A day’s worth of cylinder liners are now installed on the engines of automobiles and commercial vehicles. These liners are oil hardened and provide a fairly long service life for the engine.

1. Formation of Sliding Surface

The major function of a cylinder liner is forming a sliding surface for the piston ring. It serves as the inner wall of a cylinder. It also retains the lubricant within itself. Also it’s another most important function is the excellent characteristic as sliding surface and these four necessary points.
•It has high anti-galling properties
• There is less wear on the cylinder liner itself
• There is less wear on the partner piston ring
• There is less consumption of lubricant 2. Heat Transfer

The cylinder liner transmits the heat to the coolant .It receives the heat from the combustion through the piston and piston rings.

2. Compression Gas Sealing

The compressed gas as well as the combustion gas is prevented from escaping by the compression gas sealing.

What is a Cylinder Liner?

The cylinder liner is basically cylindrical. It is installed in the engine block to form the cylinder. In the internal composition of the engine, the cylinder liner is a very important part. The term cylinder liner is popular in Japan, but in other countries it is also called a cylinder liner. When the motor is running, there is a lot of wear on the piston. The 4tnv88 yanmar engineis thus an internal metal part, which saves a lot of piston wear. The cylinder liner is like a sleeve that fits into the bore of the cylinder block and provides a smooth surface for the reciprocating motion of the piston.

Cylinder liners are commonly used in engines with aluminum alloy engine blocks. These linerless engine blocks deform at higher temperatures and are also less resistant to wear. So in such an engine, linearity helps to provide a better surface that can withstand high temperatures and pressures.When the engine is working, the pistons and piston rings slide at extremely fast speeds. As a result, high pressures and high temperatures are created in the cylindrical walls of the engine. Therefore, in order to maintain longer service life of cast iron cylinders in buses, trucks, etc.

The reason for using cast iron cylinders is that they have excellent wear resistance and thus have proven to be very effective when used in cylinder components. Recently, however, aluminum alloys have gained popularity due to their light weight. Lighter engines are now more popular than heavy ones. However, the disadvantage of the aluminum alloy cylinder is that when the piston and the piston ring slide directly, it will deform during the working process. And it also has poor wear resistance. For this reason, cast iron cylinders are still not obsolete, especially for heavy duty vehicles.

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