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Damage of Engine Oil Leakage

Engine as the heart of the car, the failure is the most trouble. Oil leakage of automobile engine is one of the common failures, many car owners will be very nervous when found engine oil leakage, in fact, this is just a very common fault, any car is likely to leak oil. But what do we do when the engine leaks oil?

Damage of engine oil leakage

1. Damage of Engine Oil Leakage

The main harm of engine oil leakage is the loss of oil, resulting in waste, serious may lead to oil shortage and then lead to engine damage. Is not caused by the leak, but because the leak after the oil pressure caused by insufficient, so just pay close attention to the oil level can be. Because most vehicles have oil level display, to avoid unknowingly in the oil below the normal position of the situation, and the oil pressure is insufficient alarm lamp tips.

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2. The Cause of the Engine Oil Leak

Oil leakage due to damaged parts

1. The oil pan gasket is damaged or the screw is loose and oil leaks;

2. The gasket of the oil drain plug of the oil pan is damaged, leaked or loose and leaks oil;

3. The timing gear cover gasket is improperly assembled, damaged or the screw is loose and oil leaks;

4. The engine bracket plate is deformed or the gasket is not tightly sealed and leaks oil;

5. The valve cover gasket is not tightly sealed and leaks oil;

6. The front oil seal of the crankshaft is damaged and leaks oil;

7. The rear oil seal of the crankshaft is damaged and leaks oil;

8. The oil return thread at the rear end of the crankshaft is blocked by dirt and oil leaks.

9. The rear cover of the cam bearing is not strictly leaking oil;

10. The rocker arm chamber cover or the rod chamber cover is not strictly leaking oil;

11. The oil radiator is not tightly sealed and leaks oil;

12. The oil filter is not tightly sealed and oil leaks;

13. The bearing hole of the distributor shell is not tightly sealed and leaks oil;

14. The oil pump gasket is damaged or the screw is loose and oil leaks.

Major issues related to automotive engine oil spills and accessories and processes

1. The product (accessories) are of poor quality, material or workmanship.

2. Improper assembly, unclean mating surfaces, damaged gaskets, displacement, or installation not in accordance with operating procedures.

3. Uneven tightening force of the tightening nut, slippery thread breaking or looseness falling off, etc. lead to work failure.

4. After long-term use of the sealing material, the wear and tear is excessive, and the aging and deterioration, deformation and failure.

5. Too much lubricating oil is added, the oil level is too high or the wrong oil is added.

6. The joint surface of the parts (side covers, thin-walled parts) is flexed and deformed, the casing is damaged, and the lubricating oil seeps out.

7. After the vent plug and one-way valve are blocked, due to the effect of the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the casing, it often causes oil leakage at the weak seal.

It can be seen from the above facts that engine oil leakage is one of the common faults of automobiles, and parts and accessories can cause this fault.

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3. Possible Parts of Engine Oil Leakage and How to Deal with Them

1. The valve cover leaks oil. Cars that have been in use for about 5 years are relatively high, and the valve cover gasket needs to be replaced.

2. The engine timing cover leaks oil. Remove the engine timing cover and reapply glue.

3. The oil drain screw of the oil pan is loose or damaged. Tighten or replace the oil drain screw.

4. The oil drain screw gasket should not be replaced for a long time. The oil drain screw gasket plays a certain sealing role, and this gasket should be replaced regularly according to the maintenance cycle.

5. The oil filter element leaks. For example, when the oil filter element is installed too loosely or too tightly, or an inferior oil filter element is used, only a new oil filter element can be replaced.

6. The engine oil pan leaks oil. The oil pan gasket is aging, it is necessary to disassemble the oil pan, replace the oil pan gasket and re-gluing.

7. The crankshaft oil seal leaks oil. Replacing the crankshaft oil seal is a cumbersome operation, requiring a lot of dismantling and high labor costs. If the leak is not serious (such as oil seepage), you can choose not to repair it first.

The above lists are only some of the more common engine failures, and the specific failures need to be further analyzed in conjunction with the oil leakage location. In addition, pay attention to be sure to judge clearly when analyzing, for example, some people say that the oil leakage of the engine may be the oil leakage of the power steering pump. In the treatment of oil leakage faults, finding the oil leakage point is the key.


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