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Do you know anything about turbocharging?

Working principle of turbocharger

A turbocharger is a very sophisticated device, but its working principle is not complicated. Simply put it is to drive the turbine through the exhaust gas emitted by the engine, and then drive the turbofan attached to it on the same connecting shaft by a turbine. Keep pushing fresh air into the engine cylinder, so that the more air the cylinder enters within the time, the more efficient it will work. If you don’t understand, you can think of it as a pressure cooker. The temperature can be higher in the pot at high pressure, and we can cook less.  The key part of the turbocharger is the bearing. This type of bearing named according to the form of lubrication is called “full-floating bearing”. It is very important to ensure lubrication. If the oil supply is slow due to low oil pressure, the bearing will be damaged and the turbocharger will fail. However, if the engine changes the oil and oil filters after the first start, the oil supply will be slow, so the bearing lacks oil lubrication. In this case, idle operation after starting for about 3 minutes. Do not directly lift the speed to the turbocharger to start the speed. Similarly, do not stop the engine immediately after high speed and slope. Drivers of turbocharger cars must follow the instructions of manufacturers, and pay close attention to the quality of oil, which is not suitable for the operation of turbocharged cars as general cars.

Turbocharger attention point

The first turbochargers are used in sports cars or formula cars so that they can get more power in racing cars with limited engine displacement.

What we usually call turbocharging is actually an air compressor, which increases the intake of the engine by compressing the air. Generally speaking, turbocharging is used to drive the turbine inside by the exhaust gas discharged by the engine. The turbine drives the coaxial impeller, and the impeller presses the air sent by the air filter pipe so that it can be pressurized into the cylinder.

Do you know anything about turbocharging?

When the engine speed increases, the exhaust speed, and the turbine speed also increases rapidly, the impeller will compress more air into the cylinder, the air pressure and density increase can burn more fuel, increase the fuel quantity and adjust the engine speed, can increase the engine output power.

You might think that the turbocharging device is very complex, but it’s not complicated, and the turbocharging device is mainly composed of turbocharging chamber and supercharger. First, the inlet of the turbine chamber is connected to the engine exhaust manifold, and the outlet is attached to the exhaust pipe.

Then the air inlet of the supercharger is connected to the air filter pipe, the exhaust outlet is connected to the intake manifold, and finally, the turbine and impeller are installed in the turbine chamber and the supercharger respectively, and the two are coaxial rigid connection. Such a whole turbocharging device is ready, and your engine is “overpowered” like a computer CPU. Landtopmall, are a professional engine parts supplier with many years of experience. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. Recently, the thrust film suitable for v3800t Kubota engine for sale in our store is very good. If you happen to be reading and have a demand, you can go to the store and have a look.

Car Tips

Turbochargers have an inherent, and still unsolved, disadvantage: burning oil. In the process of acceleration, before the intervention of the turbocharger, the inlet side at this time will produce great negative pressure, the pressure will blade bearing inner oil extraction and into the combustion chamber, under normal use, 30 ~ 40% of engine oil consumption from this, it is the kind of design, low started charging and often traffic jams, starting and stopping, This part of the loss ratio will be higher, so before complaining about burning oil, please recall your own use environment, do not always shout “xx engine burning oil”, because the turbine engine itself is naturally burning oil.


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