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Do You Know the Piston for V2607?

What is a piston for V2607? The piston for V2607 is the reciprocating part of the engine cylinder block. There are often various pits on the top of a diesel engine piston, and its specific shape, location, and size must be adapted to the requirements of the diesel engine’s mixture formation and combustion.

Next, let LandTopMall take you to understand the piston in detail.

Piston for V2607

The Structure of the Piston for V2607

The piston for V2607 is mainly divided into three parts, the piston crown, the piston head, and the piston skirt. The main function of the piston is to withstand the combustion pressure in the cylinder and transmit this force to the crankshaft through the piston pin and connecting rod. In addition, the piston also forms the combustion chamber together with the cylinder head and the cylinder wall.

The piston for the V2607 crown is an integral part of the combustion chamber and often needs to be made in different shapes. The piston top of the diesel engine is generally made of various pits. In order to make the combustion chamber compact, the heat dissipation area is small, and the manufacturing process is simple.

The part above the piston pin seat is the piston head. In order to prevent high temperature and high-pressure gas from entering the crankcase, the piston head needs to be equipped with piston rings. At the same time, the piston rings can also prevent the oil from escaping into the combustion chamber. The top of the piston absorbs a lot of heat, which is transferred to the cylinder through the piston head and then carried away by the cooling medium.

The piston head is machined with several ring grooves for installing piston rings. The number of piston rings depends on the requirements of the seal, which is related to the engine speed and cylinder pressure. The number of rings of a high-speed engine is less than that of a low-speed engine, and the number of rings of a gasoline engine is less than that of a diesel engine. Generally, gasoline engines use 2 air rings and 1 oil ring; diesel engines use 3 air rings and 1 oil ring; low-speed diesel engines use 3 to 4 air rings. In order to reduce friction loss, the height of the ring belt should be reduced as much as possible, and the number of rings should be reduced under the condition of ensuring sealing.

The piston skirt is the part below the piston ring groove. The role of the piston skirt is to guide the piston to reciprocate in the cylinder and withstand side pressure. When the engine is working, the gas pressure in the engine cylinder is high, causing the piston to bend and deform. After the piston is heated, the metal of the piston pin expands more because of the large amount. The piston for V2607 may also be deformed by squeezing.

For a series of reasons, the section of the piston skirt becomes an ellipse with the major axis in the direction of the piston pin. In addition, the distribution of temperature and mass of the piston for V2607 along the axis direction is not uniform, resulting in the thermal expansion of each section being large at the top and small at the bottom.

Technical Requirements for Pistons for V2607

Because the position and function of the piston are very important, the production requirements of the piston are very high.

1. The strength of the piston should be high and the mass should be small, so as to ensure low inertia.

2. The material should be resistant to high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion, and at the same time, the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation should be good.

3. The friction between the piston and the piston wall should not be too large.

4. When the temperature changes, the size and shape change should be small, and the minimum gap should be maintained with the cylinder wall.

5. The thermal expansion of the piston for V2607 should not be too obvious, and it must have good thermal strength and friction reduction.

The above is the introduction of the piston structure and technical requirements. If you want to learn more about pistons, follow LandTopMall.

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