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Do You Know the Thrust Plate?

Like the bearing bush, the thrust plate is also a sliding bearing, commonly known as a friction-reducing gasket. There are two kinds of bimetallic composite materials, one is aluminum-based alloy and the other is copper-lead alloy. Thrust plates made of these two materials have high fatigue strength, excellent friction compatibility, compliance, embedment, and corrosion resistance.

The thrust plate is installed between the end face of the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine (engine) and the end face of the shaft seat to adjust the axial clearance, prevent the crankshaft from moving under the axial pressure (thrust) force, and protect the crankshaft, shaft seat, connecting rod, bearing bush and other mechanisms The role of smooth work. It’s a small thrust piece, and it’s very effective. If you leave it, the car will not move. If it gets sick, the car will be unhealthy. If it sneezes, the car will catch a cold. It also has a great sense of sacrifice and has the function of a fuse. Its normal service life is two years or 30,000 kilometers, and it is a wearing part.

When the thrust plate is working, the alloy surface is not in direct contact with the end face of the crankshaft, and there is a certain gap between them. When working, the lubricating oil is used as the working medium to form an oil film to reduce friction. If the alloy surface is in direct contact with the end face of the crankshaft, the oil film will be pressed out, forming boundary friction or dry friction. ).

Through the previous understanding, do you know what kind of adverse consequences will be caused to the engine when the substandard products you manufacture are misused?

Alloy Surface Wear:

  1. One shaft of the gearbox is out of tolerance
  2. Section between bearing bush and crankshaft
  3. The lubricating oil is not clean or there is no lubricating oil

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Thrust Plate

Failure Analysis of Abnormal Wear of Thrust Plate

The crankshaft thrust plate is a small precision part of the engine. Its function is to protect the crankshaft and at the same time, it is a vulnerable part that plays a role in positioning. The hardness is lower than HB30-40. The hardness of the crankshaft is nearly ten times higher than that of the crankshaft. HB240-320. When the engine does not work normally, the crankshaft thrust plate is damaged at the earliest, and the operator is reminded to stop the machine for inspection in time to protect the crankshaft. When you understand the function and function of the thrust plate, you will investigate the real failure cause more deeply. Our company has invited Li Zhuguo, a professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University from the Internal Combustion Engine Society, for the abnormal wear and failure of the crankshaft thrust plate reported by customers and maintenance centers. Sir, he use the thrust plate of the Yanmar wheeled excavator and conducted a case analysis, and concluded that the failure of the crankshaft thrust plate is a systematic multi-factor problem. The engine bearing thrust plate has a longer life than the engine itself, but the optimized performance of the engine bearing thrust plate with a long life should be used. Collaboration between four important working groups is required:

  1. Design and manufacture of engine bearings
  2. Assembly of the engine
  3. Protective maintenance of the engine
  4. The driver or operator follows the code

If any of the above four working groups are not properly operated, the engine bearing thrust plate will fail early. When the early failure occurs, we can analyze it from the following aspects:

  1. Thrust sheet wall thickness. Flatness is seriously out of tolerance
  2. The fastness of the thrust sheet material does not meet the requirements
  3. The thrust plate is reversed
  4. The lubricating oil is not clean or not lubricated
  5. The size of the thrust plate installation groove or the positioning pin of the body is inconsistent with the requirements
  6. One shaft of the gearbox is out of tolerance, and the front top of the crankshaft makes the thrust plate bear abnormal pressure
  7. The crankshaft bearing seat cannot be processed or installed, resulting in a poor fit
  8. The crankshaft is out of tolerance or the surface roughness of the end face is out of tolerance
  1. Other reasons

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