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Do you understand the structure of turbochargers

Medium cooler

The increase in temperature not only affects the efficiency of inflation but also tends to produce deflagration. So the device to lower the intake temperature is the intermediate cooler. It is installed between the outlet of the turbocharger and the intake pipe to cool the air entering the cylinder. The intermediate cooler is like a radiator, cooled by air or water, and the heat of the air dissipates into the atmosphere by cooling. According to the test, the intermediate cooler with good performance can not only keep the engine compression ratio to a certain value without deflating, but also reduce the temperature can also increase the inlet pressure, and further improve the effective power of the engine.


Due to the wide speed range of gasoline engines, the airflow rate is large, so the compression impeller shape of the turbocharger is a complex three-way curved ultra-thin wall impeller, usually 12~30 blades, in a radial curve, the blade thickness is below 0.5 mm, using aluminum by special casting method. The advantages and disadvantages of blade shape directly affect the performance of turbocharged engines. The more reasonable the shape Angle of the impeller, the lighter the quality, the more sensitive the impeller starts, and the smaller the “reaction lag” of the turbocharger is.  Landtopmall, are a professional engine parts supplier with many years of experience. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. Recently, the thrust film suitable for d950 Kubota engine for sale in our store is very good. If you happen to be reading and have a demand, you can go to the store and have a look.

Do you understand the structure of turbochargers

Deflator sensor

In addition to reducing the temperature to reduce the possibility of deflating, a deflating sensor is also used, which is that when the detonation is produced, the sensor’s feeling of abnormal vibration will immediately feedback the information to the engine ECU(electronic control unit) control system. Delay the ignition timing a little bit, and return to the normal ignition timing when there is no deflagration.

Because the speed of a car gasoline engine is higher than that of a diesel engine, the airflow is faster and the range of changes is large, so its turbocharger has higher requirements. The electronic jet system has been widely used in modern car engines, and with the combination of electronic control technology and new materials, turbochargers will become more and more common in gasoline engines.

Matters needing attention

The exhaust gas turbocharger used in cars adopts the single-inlet turbine shell, which means that only the pressure energy of exhaust is used, and no other auxiliary energy is required. Due to the large speed range of the car engine, the exhaust gas turbocharger must have a regulating device, so that the engine can obtain a relatively constant pressure within a certain speed range. In addition, the gasoline engine is an ignition, its compression ratio is limited to a certain range, too high will trigger deflation. Therefore, there are also explosive detection and control mechanisms, and the ignition advance Angle is adjusted at any time.

The exhaust gas turbocharger of the car is generally installed near the exhaust pipe, and the turbine and impeller are installed in the turbine chamber and supercharger respectively.   When there is no need to pressurize, such as idle speed or pre-deflator, part of the exhaust will be discharged through the bypass valve without entering the turbocharger. When the engine speed reaches 2000 revolutions per minute, the solenoid valve closes the bypass valve and points the exhaust to one side of the turbine, making the turbine turn. Another design is to adjust the angle of the turbine blade, and adjust the speed of the turbine by the change of resistance, so as to change the pressurization.

Cooling the air can increase the density of air contraction, insert more air into the same volume, and prevent deflating. Therefore, the turbocharger of the car is equipped with an intermediate cooler, which is generally cooled by air, installed in front, next to the engine radiator, or in a separate position, using the car’s head-on airflow or its own fan to cool.



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