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Engine water pump common faults

Common troubleshooting methods for water pumps

Water leakage and noise are common faults of the water pump. When the engine is running or stopping, leakage from the water pump shell is not enough, the water pump should be divided into the water pump, and a maintenance water seal. Remove the lower pump cover, fasten the end bolt Panasonic, remove the impeller, and water seal assembly. If the surface of the static ring and moving ring is damaged and leaking, grinding sand can be used to grind it on a cast iron plate to make it close; New parts shall be replaced if the cushion ring and waveform ring are damaged.

The water pump shell drain hole must not be blocked so that the water seal leakage of the water drop is discharged from the place, avoid the water accumulation in the water pump cavity to soak the bearing, and destroy its lubrication.

The main reason for the abnormal noise of water pump is that the pump shaft bearing wears loose or oil shortage; The pump shaft retaining ring is not installed or not installed, the bearing is channeling, the impeller back and the water pump cover rub, and the resulting belt wheel and fan impeller are rocking and shaking and blowing when running.

Stethoscopes can be used to withstand the pump shell and adjust the engine speed. Such as the pump bearing wear to limit or lack oil, and can hear “rustling” different sound; If the bearing is relaxed in the hole of the pump shell, it can feel a slight impact vibration. Use the hand to push the fan blade, and view the pump shaft, can feel too large an axial or radial clearance, that is, wear loose, and should be replaced with new parts. The resistance loss in the water flow into and out of the pipe is too large.

Some users have been measured, although the vertical distance from the reservoir or tower to the water surface is slightly smaller than the head of the water pump, the amount of water is still small or unable to lift the water. The reason is that the pipe is too long, the pipe is more curved, and the water flow in the pipe is too large to lose resistance. The reason is that the pipe is too long, the pipe is more curved, and the water flow in the pipe is too large to lose resistance. In general, the resistance of 90 degrees bending pipe is greater than that of 120 degrees bending pipe, and the loss of each 90-degree bending pipe head is about 0.5-1 meter, and the resistance of every 20 meters pipe can cause the loss of head to about 1 meter. In addition, some users are also free to pump into and out of the pipe diameter, these also have a certain impact on the head.

Common faults in water pumps

Does the pump not rotate when starting?

Reason: the packing is too tight or the impeller and the pump body are stuck and blocked by debris; Pump shaft, bearing, leakage ring rust; The pump shaft is severely bent. Removal method: relax packing, dredge water inlet: disassemble pump body to remove debris or rust; Correct the curved shaft or replace the new pump shaft. The pump doesn’t turn when it starts, but it’s buzzing. In addition to the above reasons, it is necessary to check whether the motor line is phase missing or voltage insufficient, pump load is too large. Landtopmall, are a professional engine parts supplier with many years of experience. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. Recently, the sales of the thrust film suitable for d722 Kubota engine parts in our store are very good. If you happen to be reading and have a demand, you can go to the store and have a look.

Engine water pump common faults

Does the pump not come out after starting?

Reason: there is air or inlet pipe gas in the pump, the bottom valve closed is not satisfied with irrigation, the vacuum pump filler is serious leakage, the gate valve or the door closed is not strict. The moving water level is lower than that of the water pump filter pipe, and the water absorption pipe is broken. Removal method: remove debris, replace damaged rubber pad, change valve direction, press or replace new packing, close gate valve or tap door, increase tank water until there is no bubble at the vent screw; Replace the cracked pipe water, lower the, and press the pipe mouth of the pump into the water by 0.5 meters. Lower the installation position of the water pump, so that the filter pipe is under the moving water level, or the equal moving water level to rise the filter water pipe and pump again; Repair or replace the suction pipe.

Is the flow going from big to small?

Reason: filter or horn mouth is gradually blocked by debris; The moving water level decreases and the water inlet water is insufficient. Exclusion method: remove sundries and increase the depth of the bottom valve.

Reason for pump trip

Cause of pump trip

Many friends who have used the pump know that after the unit is put into production, the water pump will close the problem (that is, trip) after working for a period of time. So, how do you do that? First of all, one after another inspection will cause the pump trip to work link   Small make up the following possible causes of pump trip:

1. The head in the actual operation process of the pump is lower than the rated head of the pump, resulting in the current rising after the flow rate is too large and the current exceeds the current.

2. The current is too large when the pump motor is damped.

3. Quality problems of the pump motor.

4. The pump voltage is unstable.

5. Water pump control cabinet system problems.

Common faults

Pump failure How to solve the pump fault, small makes up the list of a few common faults.

Too much power consumption?

Reason: high speed; Pump shaft bending; Leaves surrounded by debris; Selection head is too high. Water pump suction sediment or blockage; Motor ball bearing damage, etc. Elimination method: adjust the appropriate speed; Calibration of pump shaft; Remove debris; Try to lower the head. Check the circuit voltage, select the suitable head pump; To clean up or block sediment; Replace motor ball bearings.

The pump body vibrates violently or produces noise?

Reason: pump installation is not strong or pump installation is too high; motor ball bearing damage; The pump is bent or different from the motor spindle, which is not parallel. Treatment method: install a stable water pump or reduce the installation height of the water pump; Replace the motor ball bearing; Correct the bent pump spindle or adjust the relative position of the pump to the motor.

Overheating of transmission shaft or motor bearing?

Reason: lack of lubricating oil or bearing fracture, etc. Treatment method: add lubricating oil or replace the bearing.



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