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Do You Know the Faults and Solutions of Turbochargers for the PC300 Komatsu Engine?

As a mall that sells turbochargers for the PC300 Komatsu engine, LANDTOPMALL certainly knows a lot about turbochargers. This article will tell you about the faults and solutions of turbochargers. Hope it helps you.

Turbocharger for the PC300 Komatsu engine

Metal-like Rubbing Sound


The gas emits black smoke, the PC300 Komatsu engine power drops, and the supercharger has abnormal noise.


The reason for the metal friction sound may be due to excessive wear of the supercharger bearing, which may be the rotor bearing or the thrust bearing. It is also possible for the impeller to rub against the supercharger housing. If the abnormal sound is not metal friction but the sound of airflow, it is the rotating sound caused by the high-speed rotation of the supercharger rotor or the air leakage at the intake port and exhaust port.


If it is a metal friction sound, it should be repaired by replacing the damaged spare parts according to the wear condition. If it is because of an air leak, it should be carefully differentiated and targeted solutions.

Bearing Damage


The bearing of the supercharger is damaged, resulting in reduced engine power. As a result, the fuel consumption is high and black smoke is emitted. The supercharger cannot work when the damage is serious.


No regular oil changes;

The cooling water leaks and flows into the oil;

The oil has undergone oxidative deterioration;

Debris or deposits have entered the lubrication system;

Insufficient oil pressure or oil flow;

Insufficient supply of lubricating oil for supercharger journals and thrust bearings;

Excessive gas passing between the piston and cylinder wall caused by overheating of diesel;

Improper oil selection;

The lubricating oil is not supplied in time when the supercharger is working;

Insufficient lubricating oil, causes the rotor journals and bearings to float.


Regularly check whether the oil quantity meets the requirements and whether the pressure of the lubricating oil is normal;

Regularly replace the lubricating oil to ensure that the lubricating oil is sufficiently clean;

Apply lubricating oil according to regulations, be careful not to mix lubricating oil;

The engine should be allowed to work within normal temperature to avoid overheating of the engine.

Well, today’s fault description about turbochargers for the PC300 Komatsu engine, including phenomena, causes, and solutions, is here. If you want to know more, follow LANDOPMALL.

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