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Five Most Popular Parts In LANDTOP

Anyone who works in agriculture and construction will agree that a lot of time is spent on machine maintenance. It can be very frustrating when the machine suddenly breaks down during the working day because it wastes a lot of time and reduces work efficiency. But if we prepare the parts for equipment repair in advance, the maintenance time will be greatly reduced, and the machine will be able to start working again soon. Thus, it is necessary for us to know the most common parts repaired and keep them on hand in advance. This passage will introduce the five most popular parts in LANDTOP mall.

Pistons rank on the top one. The piston performs 1500-2000 reciprocating movements in one minute so that would be gradually worn. And every 4 strokes will cause an explosion. The huge impact of the explosion also accelerates the damage of it. Absolutely, some other parts related to the piston, such as connecting rods, cylinder liners, rod bearings, are also very wearing due to the explosion movement. Thus, people usually purchase a overhaul rebuild kit for convenience.

The second is the gasket kit. In diesel engines, gaskets play an important role in several places. If the old gasket is not replaced in time, air leakage and oil leakage will occur, which will cause a great impact on the normal operation and service life of the equipment.

Turbocharger is the third one. The turbocharger often works at high speed and high temperature. The temperature of the exhaust gas turbine end is around 600°C, and the turbocharger rotor rotates at a high speed of 8000-11000r/min. Therefore, if it is used and maintained improperly, it is prone to break down.

The fourth one is the connecting rod bearings. They includes the upper one and the lower one, which are installed at the junction of the connecting rod and the crankshaft, playing the role of wear resistance, connection, support and transmission. So you must be aware not to reverse the upper bearing and the lower bearing when installing.

The last is the intake valve guide. Many intake valve guides are susceptible to damage, which will render the normal work of the engine until replaced.  As this is a common problem, it is wise to have some intake valve guides on hand.

In order to save the time and promote the working efficiency, LANDTOP suggests you to prepare some most commonly wearing parts on hand in advance. You can refer to the popular collections in our mall.


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