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How To Buy Parts Online

When buying parts online, it is of great significance for you to consider the following problems and make your best choice.

1. What to look for when buying new parts?

When buying new parts, you are faced with whether to choose the parts from the original equipment manufacturer(OEM) or from the aftermarket. OEM parts are expected to match and work perfectly with your equipment because they are the same parts which are already on your equipment. So if you want to ensure that the replacement parts can seamlessly be installed and the equipment can totally recover the original function, purchasing OEM parts is definitly no probelm. But OEM parts are usually expensive and not easy to buy,  so in this condition, new aftermarket parts can be a good choice. Aftermarket parts tend to be produced by brands who didn’t provide components for the original machine,  and they possess big advantages of cheaper prices and usually you can get them in a shorter time.

2. How to choose a reliable parts supplier?

If there is no option for purchasing OEM parts, it’s important for you to choose a reliable aftermarket parts supplier. Since you are shopping online, the shop is expected to provide all kinds of parts for the various types of equipment so that people can find the parts easily and accurately. In addition, for all the risks may caused by buying aftermarket parts, professional service and support from pre-sales to after-sales must be taken into your consideration. There is no doubt that the most important thing we care about is the quality of the parts, so that you must choose the brand whose products meet the OEM specifications, offering 100% quality assurance. At last, don’t forget to check out the payment, delivery and returns.

3. How to find the right parts  you need?

a. Search the part number. If you have once bought the part and knew the exact part number, searching the part number is the most suitable way.

b. If you don’t know the part number, you can search the equipment model or engine model to find the part. But do remember to recheck all the information of the part in the detailed page.

c. If you have little information about the part, please contact us. You can send the photos of your old parts in different views, and we will help you to find the most suitable replacement.

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