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How to Carry out Anti-rust Treatment of Excavator Accessories?

Every day we make our own life special and meaningful. Every company’s products must be very valuable for that customer. LandTopMall is such a company, then we will take a look at the anti-rust treatment of excavator accessories. . We should also pay attention when storing excavator accessories, you can choose to dry them indoors. For accessories that must be placed outdoors, they should be placed on flat ground and covered with wooden boards, and then covered with a cover cloth. Before these excavator accessories are stored, it should be determined whether to use the method of repainting or the method of repainting the whole machine according to the size of the peeling area of ​​the anti-rust paint on the outer surface. If it is other working device accessories on the excavator, such as the screed of the paver, the bucket of the loader, the scraper of the grader, etc., the rust prevention method for the exposed metal parts is to apply butter. Excavator accessories generally refer to the parts that can form a complete excavator. In the industry, they often refer to wearing parts or removable parts according to construction requirements. How to use excavator accessories to save fuel?


Excavator Accessories


  1. Prevent the engine from idling. Sometimes in the process of loading or excavating, there may be a long shutdown in the middle. At this time, try not to drive the excavator accessories to idle and wait, and to prevent the engine from idling as much as possible, the idling of the engine will also consume fuel. Doing this well can make the excavator more fuel-efficient.
  2. Reduce the swing angle. In the excavation operation, if the swing angle of the excavator accessories is reduced as much as possible, the excavation operation cycle can be effectively shortened, the workload can be increased, and the excavator can be more fuel-efficient.
  3. The excavator accessories can appropriately reduce the engine speed when working, and improve the engine fuel consumption efficiency. In addition, be careful not to reduce the working efficiency when reducing the engine speed.

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Excavator accessories are important parts to maintain the normal operation of excavators. As we all know, excavator accessories must be cleaned and maintained regularly. So, what is the cleaning method?

  1. First, remove the carbon deposits in the accessories. Since the carbon deposits will cause the machine to run slowly, it is very important to remove the carbon deposits. To remove carbon deposits, mechanical removal methods can be used, that is, scrapers or metal brushes are used to remove carbon deposits, but this method is not easy to remove carbon deposits, and it is easy to damage the surface of parts. 80~90℃, expand the carbon deposits on the parts and then use a brush to remove them.
  2. If there are too many oil stains in the accessories, it will directly affect the operational performance of the excavator. The method of removing oil stains should be scraped off with tools first. Generally, the effect of cleaning oil stains with hot cleaning fluid will be better. The commonly used cleaning fluids are synthetic detergents. and alkaline cleaning fluid, it should be noted here that aluminum alloy parts cannot be cleaned in strong alkaline cleaning fluid; non-metallic rubber parts should be cleaned with alcohol or brake fluid.
  3. The removal of scale is also indispensable. The chemical removal method is generally used to remove scale. The chemical solution for removing scale is added to the coolant. After the engine works for a certain period, the coolant is replaced. The commonly used chemical solutions for removing scale are: hydrochloric acid Descalers Caustic soda solution, hydrochloric acid solution, and phosphoric acid descaler are suitable for removing scale from aluminum alloy parts.

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