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How to Choose the Excavator Filter Correctly?

Consequences of Using Different Types of Filter Elements:

1. Use low-priced filter paper and filter screen, because the filter paper and filter screen have large pore size, poor uniformity, and low filtering effect, and cannot effectively remove harmful impurities from the excavator, thereby causing wear and tear to the excavator. service life is shortened.

2. Use low-quality adhesives with a small amount, which are neither oil-resistant nor water-resistant, nor can they be firmly bonded, resulting in a short circuit outside the excavator filter element bonding; The harmful substances enter the generator, reducing the service life of the excavator.

3. Using ordinary rubber parts, due to the failure of the internal seal, the internal short circuit of the filter will cause the excavator engine to wear, shorten its life, or deform the external seal, and a large amount of oil will be released in a short time, causing serious damage.

4. The welding point of the excavator filter element is confirmed to be completely welded.

5. The end cover, center tube, shell, and other metal parts of the excavator filter element are not subjected to anti-rust treatment, which leads to metal corrosion and impurities, which is the source of pollution for the filter element. What’s more, cement is used instead of adhesive, which is even more harmful.


excavator filter


Using the correct but high-quality filter element can prolong the life of the excavator, which not only saves the cost of the excavator owner but also brings longer-term benefits to the owner of the excavator with longer life. If your excavator needs to replace the filter element, you are welcome to purchase it at LandTopMall. We have the most professional accessories experts to provide you with the most cost-effective option. The filter element for Yanmar 4tnv94l engine is our hot selling product recently, if you just need it, then congratulations you can buy it at a lower price than others.

The Function of the Filter Element:

1. Why does the quality of the hydraulic oil filter element play a vital role in the performance of the equipment?

For a fully hydraulic excavator, the hydraulic system is spread throughout the excavator. It includes a hydraulic oil tank, main pump, control valve, various pipelines, oil cylinders, motors, and other components that act. These hydraulic components are precision Processed, they have high requirements for the maintenance of the hydraulic system, so the quality of the hydraulic oil filter is very important.


2. What harm can the inferior hydraulic oil filter element cause to the equipment?

When hydraulic fluid enters the hydraulic system, cleanliness is the primary concern. Inferior hydraulic oil filter elements have a poor filtering effect and cannot effectively prevent dirt and other magazines from entering the system. If tiny magazine particles enter the hydraulic system, they will scratch the pump, jam the valve, block the oil port, and cause machine failure.


3. How to judge whether the hydraulic components are damaged by regularly checking and replacing the hydraulic oil filter element?

When replacing the hydraulic oil filter element, please check whether there are metal particles or debris at the bottom of the filter element. If there are copper or iron filings, it means that the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, or valve may be damaged or will be damaged. If there is rubber, it means the hydraulic cylinder seal is damaged.

Requirements for Excavator Filter Elements:

1. Strength requirements, production integrity requirements, withstand pressure difference, bear installation external force, bear pressure difference alternating load

2. Requirements for smoothness of oil passage and flow resistance characteristics

3. Resistant to a certain high temperature, compatible with the working medium

4. The fibers of the filter layer cannot be displaced and fall off

5, to carry more dirt

6. Normal use in high altitude and cold areas

7. Fatigue resistance, fatigue strength under alternating flow

8. The cleanliness of the filter element itself must meet the standard

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