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Do You Know How to Deal with the Cylinder Failure?

In the last blog, LANDTOPMALL introduced what a cylinder liner is. I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of the cylinder liner.

This blog will introduce the causes and prevention of cylinder failure, hoping to help you further understand what a cylinder liner is.

Cylinder Failure

Cylinder Failure

The impact of the cylinder on the diesel engine refers to the phenomenon that the engine piston interacts seriously with the composition of the engine and the working surface it replaces. There are different types of binder consumption under lubricated conditions. When the cylinder is easily retracted, the cylinder liner and piston components can be damaged. cause a major accident. Therefore, through the analysis of the diesel engine failure model, its early engine and accurate countermeasures are revealed, and the diesel engine can be accurately managed and used to improve the reliability of its life. Photography is very important. Reasonable use and attention to maintenance (regular inspection) can also reduce diesel engine failures.

Cylinder Phenomenon

The damage mechanism of the cylinder is mostly due to the local damage of the lubricating oil film on the sliding part. At this time, the two protruding parts of the relative moving surface first come into metal contact, and then a small “burning” phenomenon occurs locally, and the melting part is due to the parts. The relative movement is torn again. In this process, the metal surface becomes a hardened layer. When the hardened layer is destroyed, the metal abrasive particles generated will become the material that aggravates the surface wear. In the short time when the so-called “smelting wear” occurs Inside, the uneven wear marks on the surface of the piston and the cylinder liner parallel to the centerline of the cylinder are the phenomenon of pulling the cylinder. In severe cases, the sliding parts are completely adhered to or stuck, and even cracks may occur in the weak parts of the two surfaces. Resulting in damage to the parts, that is, biting the cylinder. Therefore, the root cause of pulling the cylinder is melting and wear.

The Reason for Pulling the Cylinder

The reasons for pulling the cylinder are very complicated, and there are design reasons, such as the selection of materials, the determination of the size of the gap, whether the installation of the device is appropriate, whether the structural arrangement is reasonable, whether the surface roughness is suitable, and whether the arrangement of lubrication and cooling is perfect. etc., from the management point of view, it may be caused by the following reasons:

Poor Cylinder Lubrication

The cylinder lubricating oil is insufficient or the oil supply is interrupted, and the metal is directly contacted and the cylinder is pulled. The reasons for the poor cylinder lubrication are: the oil in the oil pan is too little or the oil quality is too poor, the temperature of the diesel engine is too high, or the piston ring (mainly the oil ring) ) is damaged or failure, etc.

Not Enough Break-In

To get an effective running-in in the shortest possible time, the running-in time and load distribution must be considered. Even if the running-in is too low for a long time, the running-in cannot be completed, and if the high-load operation is rushed, it will cause the cylinder to pull. Therefore, During the running-in period of the diesel engine, it should be noted that the amount of oil injection should be appropriately increased during the running-in period; after the piston ring is replaced, it should run under low load for a period of time; after the piston and cylinder liner are replaced, the running-in should be carried out before increasing the load operation.

Well, that’s all for today’s introduction to the cylinder failure. Do you know what are the four other reasons for the cylinder failure? If you want to know, pay attention to LANDTOPMALL, and I will explain it to you in the next issue. If you don’t know what a cylinder liner is, you can read our last blog.

Finally, thank you for browsing and paying attention.


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