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How to Install the Engine Thrust Plate?

The thrust plate structure of the engine is in the form of a semi-circular sheet. The two sides are made of different materials, and one side is made of steel, which is harder. The other side is made of aluminum-based bearing alloy material, which is relatively soft and is in contact with the crankshaft. When the engine is running, it slides relative to the crankshaft. To reduce friction, there is an oil groove on one side of the bearing alloy.

Correctly installing the thrust plate will help the engine run better, but if the thrust plate is installed backward, the service life of the engine will be lost. LandTopMall is a mall with 8 years of spare parts sales experience. We have professional spare parts experts and highly acclaimed high-quality products. Welcome to buying engine spare parts such as thrust plates.


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How to Install the Engine Thrust Plate?

1. There are two crankshaft thrust plates, which are only installed on the front and rear thrust surfaces of the main bearing seat of the cylinder block; 2. Before installation, add engine lubricating oil to the thrust plate with oil grooves; 3. Place the oil-free grooves in the direction of the road The cylinder block, with the oil groove surface facing the crankshaft, is installed into the thrust piece groove of the fourth main bearing seat; 4. Note that the oil groove surface of the thrust piece faces the crankshaft side.


What is a Thrust Plate?

What is a thrust plate? This is a good question. As a kind of engine sliding bearing, the thrust plate mainly plays the role of supporting the crankshaft axially in the engine, preventing the crankshaft from moving axially while ensuring the axial rotation of the crankshaft. In addition, pay attention to the maintenance of the engine. Engine maintenance is to replace the engine oil. Most family cars need to replace the engine oil every 8,000 to 1,000 kilometers. Engine oil is called the blood of the engine. Engine oil is very important to the engine. If there is no engine oil in the engine, the engine cannot run normally.


Engine oil not only plays a lubricating role in the engine but also plays the role of cleaning, sealing, buffering, rust prevention, and heat dissipation. When the engine is running, the engine oil will form an oil film on the surface of various components in the engine, which can prevent friction caused by direct contact of various components in the engine. If the various components in the engine are in direct contact to cause friction, it will affect the instantaneous generation of large doses of heat in the engine, which is fatal to the engine. Every performance of the engine oil will be degraded after long-term use, so the engine oil needs to be replaced regularly. If your thrust piece has worn out and needs to be replaced, please call: (+852) 63548665 to contact our accessories experts to get the most suitable solution. The 119515 thrust piece is currently one of the best-selling products in LandTopMall.


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What Happens if the Thrust Plate is Installed Backward?

The steel surface cooperates with the crankshaft, and there is no obvious performance at the beginning. The power will be reduced but the feeling is not obvious. However, there is no oil groove on the steel surface. After a while, the steel surface and the crankshaft will be severely worn, the thrust plate will become thinner, and the thrust plate will come out of the thrust plate groove between the crankshaft and the cylinder block, and the crankshaft will increase the amount of play. , the engine will knock the cylinder, the piston, connecting rod, and cylinder liner are not necessarily the one that breaks first, whichever breaks the engine will be scrapped. In addition, the crankshaft will run with the pulley and the timing chain, and some engines will also run with the oil pump chain. Excessive axial movement may directly cause the belt, timing chain, or oil pump chain to fall off. Once these situations occur, no There is no intake and exhaust, no cooling, no lubrication, and the engine is directly scrapped.

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