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Do You Know How to Maintain a Water Separator?

The water separator is a very important part of the diesel engine. How maintain the water separator is also very important. But I believe that most people do not understand the specific maintenance of the water separator.

Next, LANDTOPMALL will explain to you how to maintain the water separator.

Water Separator

Drain the Water

I believe many friends are familiar with the drainage of oil-water separators. Unscrew the drain valve below the oil-water separator and drain the water. Oil-water separators with automatic drainage are simpler. As long as the alarm signal is obtained, you can press the water release button in the cab to release water, and the water release valve will automatically close after the water is released, which can ensure that the water separator in the oil and water is discharged in time.

But the water separator is not as simple as we think. In fact, there are many places to pay attention to. Let’s talk about some points to pay attention to when the water from the oil-water separator is discharged.

Drain the Water in Time

Take a look at the oil-water separator as part of your daily routine maintenance. If the water inside is too much or exceeds the warning line, it is necessary to release the water in time.

Water Discharge Rules

First of all, after the fuel is completely consumed, the water in the oil-water separator needs to be released in time. Secondly, after replacing the fuel filter, the water in the oil-water separator should be drained in time.

Don’t Forget to Refuel After Draining

When the water in the oil-water separator is exhausted, be sure to remember to refuel the fuel pump until the fuel pump is full of oil.

Pay Attention to the Insulation of the Oil-water Separator in Cold Weather

Thicken the Cotton Coat on the Oil-water Separator

In order to prevent the oil-water separator from freezing, the oil-water separator is heated by wrapping a layer of thermal insulation material on it.

Select the Oil-water Separator with Electric Heating Function

This can not only prevent the oil-water separator from freezing, but also prevent diesel waxing and so on.


As the last part of the engine, the oil-water separator plays a role in improving the quality of the diesel, which is exactly what the high-pressure common rail engine needs. Once there is a problem with the oil-water separator, it will lead to a series of failures such as smoke, carbon deposition on the valve, and engine power reduction, which may seriously damage the engine. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the oil-water separator is still very important.

The introduction to the water separator is here. If you want to know more about water separators, pay attention to LANDTOPMALL, you will have unexpected surprises.



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