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How to Maintain the Engine Filter?

The Excavator filter element, also known as the filter, is one of the important parts of the excavator and plays an important role. Although the filter element of the excavator is inconspicuous, once there is a problem, it will also cause big trouble. I will give you a detailed introduction to the common sense of excavator filter elements. If you need to buy a new filter element, you can come to LandTopMall for information and purchase, and our professional accessories experts will guide you.

What is the Function of the Excavator Filter Element?

One of the functions of the excavator filter element:

The excavator filter element is an indispensable device in the conveying medium pipeline. It is usually installed at the inlet end of the pressure-reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve, or other equipment to eliminate the leakage in the valve. impurities to protect the valve and the normal use of the excavator.

The second role of the excavator filter element:

The filter element can effectively filter the pollutants and the pollutants with the thickness of the oil film. This is the main filtering function of the excavator filter element. It is generally installed in the pressure oil circuit and the oil return circuit of the system.


the engine filter


The third role of the excavator filter element:

The filter element has a removal rate of more than 96% of suspended solids in water and has a certain removal effect on macromolecular organic matter, viruses, bacteria, colloids, iron, and other impurities.
The filter element plays the role of filtering impurities in the oil circuit or gas path, preventing them from invading the system and causing failure; various filter elements should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the (operation and maintenance manual); when replacing the filter element, check whether there is metal attached to the old If metal particles are found on the filter element, timely diagnose and take improvement measures; use the pure filter element that meets the requirements of the machine. The filtering ability of the fake and inferior filter element is poor, and the surface of the filter layer and the quality of the material do not meet the requirements, which will seriously affect the normal use of the machine.
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Contents of regular maintenance

①After the new machine works for 250H, the fuel filter element and the additional fuel filter element should be replaced; check the clearance of the engine valve.
②When cleaning the inside of the cooling system, after the engine is fully cooled, slowly loosen the water injection port cover to release the internal pressure of the water tank, and then water can be discharged; do not clean while the engine is working, the high-speed rotating fan will cause danger; when cleaning or replacing When using coolant, the machine should be parked on a level surface; the coolant and corrosion inhibitor should be replaced according to Table 3.
③ Check items before starting the engine. Check the coolant level (add water); check the engine oil level, add oil; check the fuel level (add fuel); check the hydraulic oil level (add hydraulic oil); check if the air filter element is blocked; check the wires; Check whether the horn is normal; check the lubrication of the bucket; check the water and sediment in the oil-water separator.
④Every 100 maintenance items. Boom cylinder headpin; boom foot pin; boom cylinder rod end; stick cylinder headpin; boom, stick connecting pin; stick cylinder rod end; bucket cylinder headpin; half a rod connecting pin; stick, bucket cylinder rod end; bucket cylinder headpin; stick connecting rod connecting pin; check the oil level in the slewing mechanism box (add oil); from the fuel tank Drain water and sediment.
⑤ Maintenance items every 250H. Check the oil level in the final drive case (add gear oil); check the battery electrolyte; replace the oil in the engine oil pan, replace the engine filter element; lubricate the slewing bearing (2 places); check the tension of the fan belt, and check to Adjust the tension of the air conditioner compressor belt.
⑥ Maintenance items every 500h. Carry out maintenance items every 100 and 250H at the same time; replace the fuel filter element; check the height of the rotary pinion grease (add grease); check and clean the radiator fins, oil cooler fins, and cooler fins; replace the hydraulic oil filter element; replace the oil in the final drive box (only at 500h for the first time, and once at 1000h later); clean the air filter element inside and outside the air conditioner system; replace the hydraulic oil vent filter element.
Check all fasteners of the compressor; check the clearance of the turbocharger rotor; check and replace the tension of the generator belt; replace the anti-corrosion filter element; replace the oil in the final drive case.
⑧ Maintenance items every 2000h. First complete the maintenance items every 100, 250, 500, and 1000h; clean the hydraulic oil tank filter; clean and check the turbocharger; check the generator and starter motor; check the engine valve clearance (and adjust); check the shock absorber.
⑨Maintenance over 4000h. Increase the inspection of the water pump every 4000h; increase the replacement of hydraulic oil every 5000h.
⑩ Long-term storage. When the machine is stored for a long time, to prevent the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder from rusting, the working device should be placed on the ground; the whole machine should be washed and dried and stored in a dry indoor environment; The machine is parked on a well-drained cement floor; before storage, fill up the fuel tank, lubricate various parts, replace the hydraulic oil and engine oil, apply a thin layer of butter to the exposed metal surface of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, and remove the negative terminal of the battery, or Remove the battery and store it separately; add an appropriate proportion of antifreeze to the cooling water according to the ambient temperature; start the engine once a month and operate the machine to lubricate the moving parts and charge the battery at the same time; turn on the air conditioner and run for 5-10 minutes.


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