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How to Quickly Pick out Inexpensive Excavator Accessories?

Quickly Identifying Whether the Main Pump of an Excavator Accessory is Broken Can Save a Lot of Extra Time

If the main pump of the excavator parts suddenly ruptures during the use of the excavator, it will cause serious adverse effects on the excavator, so we should learn how to quickly identify whether the main pump of the excavator parts is ruptured, only by learning How to identify, so that many unnecessary losses can be avoided when using the excavator later, and quick identification can also help us save a lot of extra time.

The rupture of the sliding shoe of the main pump of the excavator part sounds complicated. Let’s take an example: an excavator is working, and suddenly there is an abnormal “click” sound in the hydraulic main pump part. At this time, the operation site is far away from the maintenance station and spare parts supply point, and the construction period is tight and cannot tolerate too much downtime, but it is not possible to exclude the possibility of an accident. At this time, if you can accurately and quickly identify the fault point of the excavator accessories, you can save a lot of time. If you have found that your excavator has faulty accessories and needs to replace the accessories, please click on LandTopMall’s official website to communicate with our accessories experts and choose and buy cheap accessories. We provide professional Yanmar 4d88e engine and Accessories for Yanmar 4d106 engine.

How to check whether the main pump sliding shoe of excavator accessories falls off in actual troubleshooting? The check method is as follows:

1. Start the equipment, slowly touch the bucket to the ground, and park the equipment.

2. In the speed state, open the side fixing of the hydraulic main pump side and find the idle speed of the main hydraulic pump connecting the main pump and the control valve.

3. Hold the hydraulic pipe lightly in one hand, and feel the flow state of the hydraulic oil with the other hand. Normally, the flow of hydraulic oil tends to be stable and continuous pressure output, there will be no noise, and you will feel the hydraulic oil when you touch it. A pulsed output with some jitter.

4. Comparing the flow state of the hydraulic oil in the main hydraulic pipeline of the front and rear pumps, for example, the pipeline of the front pump connected to the excavator accessories vibrates greatly and the flow of the hydraulic oil is not stable to the touch. It can be judged that the main pump plunger shoe has fallen off.

5. Downtime maintenance

Because the hydraulic system is required to be very clean, the equipment needs to be moved slowly to a flat place and away from dust during maintenance. Most of the debris should be found when the main pump of the excavator parts is disassembled. Once it enters the hydraulic system, it will be relatively trouble.

The above is a method to identify whether the main pump of excavator accessories is broken. If you want to know more about accessories, please call (+852) 63548665, or send an email to [email protected] to contact us, or directly enter LandTopMall’s official website, looking forward to our cooperation.




Only Accessories Experts Will Tell You How to Use Excavators

Excavators are one of the common construction machinery, which can be seen on many construction sites. Excavators are essential equipment for many projects. To improve the work efficiency of the excavator and reduce the difficulty of construction, there must be certain skills when operating the excavator. Next, the excavator parts manufacturers will introduce how to operate the excavator to be more economical. However, if you have found that your excavator has a faulty accessory and needs to replace the accessories, please click on LandTopMall’s official website to communicate with our accessories experts and choose and buy cheap accessories. We provide a professional Yanmar 4d88e engine. accessories and other major brands of accessories.


(1) The technical condition of the excavator has a great influence on its productivity, especially the power of the engine. In addition, the cutting resistance of the bucket will increase by 60%-90% when the bucket teeth of the excavator accessories are worn, so the blunt bucket teeth should be replaced.


(2) The excavator driver should have skilled operation techniques and try to use compound operations to shorten the operation cycle time of the excavator.


(3) Reasonable layout of the excavator worksite: During the construction, the driving route of the dump truck should be drawn up in advance, and unnecessary uphills should be removed. For each road of the excavator, there must be an empty return road to avoid mutual interference when the dump truck enters and exits. The running lanes should be kept in good condition to facilitate the operation of the dump truck.


(4) Correctly carry out the construction organization design. The number and carrying capacity of dump trucks matched with the excavator should meet the requirements of the production capacity of the excavator, and the capacity of the dump truck should be an integer multiple of the bucket capacity of the excavator. Excavator parts manufacturers remind you to use the double-loading method as much as possible at the same time so that the excavator is filled with one, and then the next one is loaded. On the arc, the bucket can be filled with one car in the forward direction, and the other car can be filled in the reverse direction, thereby improving the loading efficiency.


Now, after reading the introduction of excavator accessories experts, everyone should have a certain understanding of the operation skills of excavators. If you want to know the more relevant information, you are welcome to inquire at any time. All our staff is dedicated to your service.


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