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How To Regularly Clean And Maintain Excavator Engines?

We all know that the engine of an excavator is a very important power component, and a good engine is composed of its extremely important accessories. To avoid the failure of the engine of the excavator, in addition to strictly maintaining the engine of the excavator according to the maintenance manual, it is also necessary to maintain the engine of the excavator. Pay attention to the maintenance of the excavator engine and its accessories in extreme weather conditions such as winter. The following will tell you about the daily maintenance knowledge of the excavator engine, and how to maintain the excavator in winter. If you need to purchase excavator accessories, please call: (+852) 63548665 to contact our accessories experts or visit to choose.
1. Excavate the content of the daily maintenance work of the engine.
The maintenance of the excavator requires experienced maintenance personnel to complete the maintenance work after proper procedures, and the maintenance personnel cleans it to ensure that there is no dirt inside. Maintenance of Hitachi excavators refers to the technical activities to restore the function of the equipment after the technical state of the equipment deteriorates or fails, including various planned repairs, unplanned breakdown repairs, and accident repairs. Use suitable fuel. Keep the exhaust port clean. Remove grass clippings and dust particles from fan blades and fan covers to prevent overheating and reduced efficiency. Depending on the intensity of use, replace or clean the air filter regularly. Clean spark plugs. Keep the launcher safe and operational.


Maintain Excavator Engines


2. Maintenance content of excavator engine in winter.
Excavator repair includes replacement parts, pure repair parts, modification by function, maintenance and restoration, maintenance, maintenance, and repair.
① For the engine, drain the fuel tank, drain the lubricating oil in the engine, and inject clean lubricating oil.
② For the ignition system, it is necessary to ensure that the battery is fully charged, and apply grease or similar protective measures to the two poles of the battery to avoid damage. If the device is stored in a place without hot air, to avoid freezing the electrode solution, the battery should be removed and stored in a warm place, and the ignition system should not be exposed to moisture.
③ For the transmission system, check whether the amount of lubricating oil is appropriate to prevent moisture.
④For the cooling system, new antifreeze should be added.
⑤ For the hydraulic system, it is necessary to check whether the amount of sealant and oil is appropriate, and the condensation of water in the hydraulic system must be avoided.
⑥ For the carburetor, all gasoline should be drained to avoid gelling.
⑦ For the rubber surface, to slow down the aging, a layer of protective material can be applied to the surface.
⑧For metal surfaces, to avoid rust and rot, all equipment surfaces to be preserved in winter should be sprayed with a layer of paint.
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