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Do You Want to Know the Little Knowledge About Turbochargers That Others Don’t Know?

LANDTOPMALL is a mall that sells turbochargers, and they know more about turbochargers than most of the general population. Compared with peers, they also have their own unique views.

Turbocharger for pc300 Komatsu engine has advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. At the same time, if you buy a turbocharger, it is also very important to maintain the turbocharger for the pc300 Komatsu engine. In addition to taking you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of turbochargers, this article will also tell you its maintenance mistakes. This allows you to better maintain your turbocharger.

Turbocharger for PC300 Komatsu Engine

Advantages of Turbocharger for PC300 Komatsu Engine

Increase Engine Power

The turbocharger can increase the density of the air inside, improve the power of the engine, and make the pc300 Komatsu engine inject more fuel under the same displacement.

Or use a turbocharger to reduce the cylinder diameter while keeping the engine power unchanged, thereby reducing the volume and weight of the pc300 Komatsu engine.

Improve Engine Emissions

Turbochargers can improve the combustion efficiency of the engine, which can reduce the engine emissions of harmful components, such as nitrogen oxides. This is a necessary configuration for diesel engines to meet emission standards above Euro II.

Compensate for Thin Air Side Effects

In areas with thin air, the use of a turbocharger can increase the internal air density and overcome the problem of engine power reduction caused by thin air.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Using a turbocharger can save engine fuel.

Disadvantages of Turbocharger for PC300 Komatsu Engine

Because of the turbocharger, there is a delay when the engine increases or decreases power. The reason is that the impeller of the turbocharger has inertia, so its corresponding speed will be slower.

Turbocharger for PC300 Komatsu Engine Maintenance Mistakes

Change the Oil at Will

The PC300 Komatsu Engine with a turbocharger is larger than a naturally aspirated engine and requires higher oil quality. Because its main shaft adopts a floating design.

Shut Down the Engine Quickly

Care should be taken to avoid shutting off the engine immediately after prolonged use. Because the engine runs at a high load after a long period of operation, the engine temperature will be relatively high. Bearings can easily be damaged if not cooled and lubricated.

Squeeze the Accelerator when Starting

Avoid slamming the tractor throttle when the engine is just started, otherwise it will easily damage the turbocharger oil seal. Engines with turbochargers rev very high, and instead of slamming on the accelerator, the tractor should idle for a few minutes before the oil pump has enough time to transport the oil to every part of the turbocharger. And the fluidity will be better after the oil temperature rises.

Here are the pros, cons, and maintenance myths about turbochargers. I believe that after reading this article written by LANDTOPMALL, you will have a more in-depth understanding of the turbocharger for the PC300 Komatsu Engine.

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