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LANDTOPMALL Has Various Parts And Accessories Of Komatsu PC58UU Excavators

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        Let us first understand the Komatsu pc58uu excavator. Komatsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (ie Komatsu Group, hereinafter referred to as Komatsu) was established in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan in 1921. After more than 90 years of development, today it has become a large-scale construction machinery, mining machinery and industrial machinery with operations all over the world. and other manufacturing companies.

The Komatsu Group is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. As a global enterprise, it has 3 regional headquarters in China, North America and Europe, 143 group subsidiaries and about 59,000 employees. In fiscal year 2017, the group sales reached about 2.5 trillion days. Yuan. Komatsu has a complete range of products, focusing on reliability, technological advancement and safety, and has won the favor of global users with perfect services. The main products include excavators, bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks, underground mining machinery and other construction machinery /Mining machinery, various large-scale presses, sheet metal machinery, machining centers and other industrial machinery.

Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd. is the regional headquarters of Komatsu Group in China. It was established in February 2001 with a registered capital of 135 million US dollars. The company is located in Changtai Plaza, Jinke Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

There are many models of Komatsu pc58uu excavators, the more popular model is the pc58uu-3. Its bucket capacity is 0.22 cubic meters, the working weight of the whole machine is 5230kg, the maximum digging radius of the parking surface is 5565mm, the maximum digging depth is 4000mm, and the bucket digging force is 40KN, and the fuel tank is 80L. Working with conventional power, the swing speed reaches 10rpm, the displacement is 2.189, and there are 4 cylinders.


        Customers who bought Komatsu pc58uu excavators have done a lot of tests, such as working 10 hours a day to know the reliability of the system. For example, to test the speed of the Komatsu pc58uu excavator, driving the pc58uu on the construction site is the brightest boy. Komatsu pc58uu excavator can also change the valve without changing the pump, which perfectly matches the work and needs. It has undergone a lot of quality and humanization tests during production, so it is still loved by many people. But even such a high-quality Komatsu pc58uu excavator cannot avoid the loss or damage of parts and so on. The cost of buying a new one is too high, and the old Komatsu pc58uu excavator does not know how to deal with it. The best way is to replace the unnecessary parts and accessories, which is the best way.

Coincidentally, LANDTOPMALL is a mall that has a variety of parts for Komatsu pc58uu excavators. Our parts have undergone many high-intensity tests before leaving the factory to ensure worry-free quality. In terms of price, it is also very cheap, and the price-performance ratio is very high. The service tenet of LANDTOPMALL is to treat every customer with the best products and services. If you need any spare parts for the Komatsu pc58uu excavator, choose LANDTOPMALL, it will be your most correct choice!


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