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An Introduction of High Quality Kubota V2203 IDI Engine

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The product introduced today is the engine of Kubota V2203 IDI engine. This is a 2800 RPM, vertical water-cooled 4-stroke diesel with a 39.9HP capacity. The Kubota V2203 IDI engine has a built-in solenoid, low fan position, and one-side serviceability for powerful performance, excellent reliability, and long-term durability in almost any application.

The advantages of diesel engines are high torque and excellent economic performance. The working process of the diesel engine has many similarities with the gasoline engine, and each working cycle also has 4 strokes intake, compression, output, and exhaust. However, the fuel used in diesel engines is diesel, which has a higher viscosity than gasoline, is not easy to evaporate, and has a lower auto-ignition temperature than gasoline, so the method of generating and igniting combustibles is different from that of gasoline engines.

Kubota’s E-TVCLS indirect injection system provides high output and torque backup in a compact package. Semi-floating wave shields and coated pistons provide lower noise levels than previous diesel engines, reducing transmitted vibrations in the valve area and improving noise characteristics. Kubota’s unique casting technology protects the engine from high power density thermal loads, providing superior durability and reliability. This product is known for its excellent reliability and long-term durability. The Super Glow system reduces warm-up time and starts the engine faster in cold weather.

Kubota V2203 IDI engine

In order to prolong the life of your engine for as long as possible, I will introduce maintenance tips.

In order to prolong the life of diesel engines, it is necessary to strengthen the use and maintenance of air filters, lubricating oil filters, and fuel filters, and give full play to their functions.

When installing the air cleaner, please mistake the gasket and the rubber connecting pipe, install it in reverse, or install it in the wrong way to ensure the tightness of each insert.

In the use of the diesel engine, if the lubricating oil filter cannot be maintained for a period of time, the filter element will be blocked, the pressure of the lubricating oil will rise, the safety valve will open, and the lubricating oil will flow directly into the main oil passage, which will cause the lubricating surface to wear deterioration, affecting the service life of the diesel engine. Therefore, the lubricating oil filter needs to be cleaned every 180-200 hours of operation. If damage is found, it needs to be replaced immediately in order to prevent impurities from entering the lubricating surface.

Various fuel filters in the fuel supply system need to be cleaned or replaced every 100 to 200 hours of operation, and the fuel tanks and oil pipelines need to be thoroughly cleaned.

The following are the parameters of the Kubota v2203 engine for your reference.

Type: Water-cooled vertical diesel engine

Number of cylinders: 4

Bore and stroke: 80.0mm x 92.4mm

Total displacement (cc): 2197

Combustion system: electronic TV control system

Intake system: Naturally aspirated

Maximum output net intermittent kW/rpm (hp/rpm): 34.3/2800 (46.0/2800)

Maximum output continuous kW/rpm (hp/rpm): 29.8/2800 (39.9/2800)

Continuous output generator specification kW/rpm (hp/rpm): 17.1/1500 (32.0/1500)

Starting System: Electric Start

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