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Five Scientific Applications and Maintenance of Milling Machines

With the rapid development of China’s highway construction, road maintenance equipment for all levels of roads has gradually gained the attention of highway management departments. The milling machine is widely used in highway maintenance projects at all levels due to its high work efficiency, simple construction process, easy control of milling depth, convenient and flexible operation, good maneuverability, and the ability to directly recycle old milling materials.

Maintenance work is a “beauty skin care product” belonging to mechanical equipment. Through correct and proper maintenance, the mechanical equipment can be kept in good working condition for a long time. Therefore, the following aspects should be done in the construction process.

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Five Scientific Applications and Maintenance of Milling Machines

1. Use Knives Reasonably.

The greater the milling depth, the longer the tool is in contact with the material, and the more frictional heat is generated. In order to avoid thermal corrosion of the carbide head of the tool, it is necessary to increase the amount of water spray of the cooling head; when the milling depth is shallow (below 6cm), the water spray of the cooling head should be reduced to facilitate the output of the material, thereby preventing the tool from being damaged. The contact of the milling material is reduced, and the wear of the tool is reduced. Every 6-8 hours of operation, check the rotation and wear of the tool to ensure that the installed tool rotates freely in the tool holder.

When the tool is seriously worn, it should be replaced in time. When changing the tool, try to ensure that the extension length of the tool is the same. If 1/2 of the milling cutter has been worn and needs to be replaced, it is recommended to replace the entire set of cutters, reassemble the cutters that are not severely worn into a set, and continue to use them, which can not only ensure the quality of road construction but also prolong the service life of the cutters.

2. Reasonable Matching Speed.

The working speed and rotor speed of the road milling machine are also the main technical performance parameters of the machine. The working speed directly affects the working productivity of the machine. Because it is affected by the type of pavement material, the strength of the asphalt mixture, the milling depth and the ambient temperature, the working speed is generally designed to be steplessly adjusted to meet the changing requirements of the above-mentioned working conditions.

3. Fully Protect the Belt.

The receiving belt of the milling machine receives the material milled by the cutter. In order to prevent the wear of the belt caused by the loose material, ensure the sealing of the rotor space and limit the particle size of the milled old material, and also ensure the reliability of the belt receiving. In order to ensure the safety of the belt and avoid extra bumps on the belt, it is necessary to regularly check, clean and replace the idler rollers, especially the idler rollers that do not rotate and accumulate material, so as to reduce the wear of the belt and form a reliable and stable material receiving mechanism.

4. Do Regular Cleaning

The cleanliness of each system is very important to the reliability of the machine. Some dirt and sharp solid particles are brought into the system, and failures such as friction, blockage, and jamming may occur at any time, and even lead to seal leakage and damage. The temperature rises, causing a series of vicious chain cycles. Regular cleaning of road milling machinery is indispensable in normal operation, especially the dirt in some key parts will make the machinery unable to work normally. For this reason, cleaning operations are not only to keep the machine clean and hygienic, but more importantly, to ensure the safety and normal operation of the machine.

5. Enhance Maintenance

The milling machine has many parts that are fixed with bolts. Due to the constant vibration and alternating load of the milling machine during operation, some bolts may be loose, which must be checked and tightened in time, otherwise oil leakage and air leakage may occur. , water leakage, electricity leakage and other sites. The relative relationship and working parameters of many parts on the road milling machine need to be checked and adjusted in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine, otherwise it may lead to unsafe mechanical work and even accidents. The content and parts of the adjustment are as follows: clearance, stroke, angle, pressure, flow, tightness, and track transposition.

In order to maintain the safety, comfort and speed of road traffic, timely, effective and high-quality maintenance will be the focus of daily work in the future. The mechanized maintenance of the milling machine as the main equipment will be the focus of daily work in the future. The mechanized maintenance method with the milling machine as the main equipment has also been adopted on many highways across the country and has become a standard maintenance mode under the current situation.

With the arrival of the overhaul period of highways at all levels and the understanding of the modern maintenance methods by the highway transportation industry and urban management departments, the application of road milling machines will become more and more extensive. The same equipment, due to the operation and popularity and science, will have different lifespans and usage costs. Paying attention to the scientific use and reasonable maintenance of the road milling machine, so that the equipment can exert the maximum effect, is of great significance to improve the construction quality and efficiency and reduce the construction cost.


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