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Maintenance of the Diesel Generator Set

Assuming that the engine part is the heart of the diesel generator set, then the generator part is the brain of the diesel generator set, so paying attention to the maintenance of the generator part is also an important task to maintain the entire diesel generator set. The following is the maintenance and maintenance knowledge of the generator part of the diesel generator set.

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General Maintenance

For the normal operation of the generator, there should be no accumulation of water, oil, and dirt near it, and there should be no corrosive gas to avoid damage to the winding edge of the generator.

In the presence of moisture and dust, be careful not to affect the normal ventilation and cooling of the generator. Always clean the dust and dirt in the ventilation ducts and keep them unobstructed. The temperature of the cooling air should not be too low to avoid the condensation of water droplets on the windings and other conductive devices.

For generators that are interrupted for a short period of time for some reason, the collector ring can be maintained without dressing, but cardboard, paraffin paper, or asphalt paper should be placed between the brush and the collector ring to avoid the brush on the surface of the collector ring— Mottled on top.

If the machined surface of the generator is rusted due to oil or paint falling off, it should be trusted in time and painted with rust paint.

Diesel Generator Set

Disassembly and Assembly Precautions

The disassembly method of the generator is roughly the same as that of the asynchronous motor, but due to the heavyweight of the generator, care should be taken not to bruise it during disassembly. When removing the end cover, be careful not to damage the stator coil protruding from the surface of the frame; when taking out the rotor, put cardboard between the stator and rotor of the motor to damage the iron core and winding. The cable must not touch the rotor journal, phoenix fan, collector slide, and change-hand lead. There are wooden boards or rubbers where the ropes are tied;

Maintenance of Generator Bearings

In the sliding bearing with a smooth oil ring, the amount of oil in the bearing should not be filled with oil during operation. When the amount of oil is below the regular liquid level, the bearing should not throw oil to avoid splashing on the windings.

For motors with a ball or roller bearings, the grease needs to be replaced when the operation is about 2 hours. When the bearing is used in a dusty and humid environment, the lubricating oil should be replaced frequently according to the conditions.

Before starting a generator that has been out of use for a long time: if a rolling bearing is installed, check its smoothness first. If the original lubricating grease is dirty or hardened and deteriorated, first flush the bearing and then clean it. Refill with clean smooth grease. The filling amount is 2/3 of the bearing chamber space, and it is not allowed to fill in too much.

Diesel Generator Set

Drying of the Gener

The newly installed synchronous generator should generally be dried before operation. Assuming that the insulation resistance is required, drying may not be carried out, but the load is not 5 of the rated capacity within the initial 24h of the operation.

Whenever the generator in operation is shut down for maintenance or has a regular shutdown time, when the edge resistance is lower than the specified value, drying is carried out. If it is determined that the surface is damp, it can be dried with a load monotonic method.

Well, today’s introduction to engine maintenance tips has been completed. Do you have a deeper understanding of how to better maintain your engine? Every accessory plays a vital role in an engine, so no one of them can be ignored.


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