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Is It Necessary to Buy the New OEM Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit V2403?

If you’ve heard of Landtopmall, you should know that we have aftermarket diesel engine parts for sale. But, do you know the difference between aftermarket parts and OEM parts? Maybe you do, but a lot of people call us, and no.

Aftermarket parts are genuine parts or parts not produced by the company that made the engine. OEM is an acronym for Original Engine Manufacturer, which refers to the company that first manufactured and/or sold engines. For example, Caterpillar and Cummins are the two largest OEMs in the large diesel segment.

The general premise is that when an engine needs servicing, only the OEM can provide the correct parts or high-quality parts. Aftermarket parts have bad reviews for tattered, not durable, or improperly installed. But, what’s the truth? Sure, OEM accessories are true, but are they really the only good option?

OEM Engine Rebuild Kits

The Advantages of Buying an OEM Rebuild Kit

The great thing about buying an OEM rebuild kit is that you’ll find that they’re all high-quality parts because they contain the same parts that were used when the engine was built. You can purchase parts for repair and check if they are suitable.

OEM parts also usually have associated warranties. Most OEMs offer a 6 to 12-month warranty. This is an adequate amount of assurance that will satisfy the vast majority of people.

The Disadvantages of Buying an OEM Rebuild Kit

The biggest disadvantage of OEM rebuild kits is that they are expensive. We know from everything else you buy that the big brands are always more expensive than their aftermarket. The diesel industry is no exception.

Another disadvantage is that OEM provides the most suitable parts supply for new engines, while parts supply for older engines is uneven. The older the engine, the fewer service parts the OEM offers.

Aftermarket Engine Repair Kits

The Advantages of Purchasing an Aftermarket Repair Kit

To avoid this, one of the biggest benefits of buying an aftermarket kit for a diesel engine is that it is often cheaper than buying an OEM kit. Take the rebuild kit for the Kubota V2403m engine, for example. You can get it from the OEM for $1134. But you can buy one from our Landtop for only $567. Rebuilding ancillary facilities is very expensive, and the price is a big factor, but there are many other factors to consider.

Some manufacturers only produce aftermarket parts and do not provide OEM. This may also be a good thing. Many aftermarket manufacturers produce parts of the same quality as the OEM or its suppliers. Some aftermarket manufacturers make parts that are better than stock. Aftermarket manufacturers have time to improve the original part design.

Aftermarket parts, older engines for which parts are not available from the OEM can also be used. If OEMs no longer supply parts for older trucks or tractors, aftermarket companies will be more likely to supply those parts.

The Disadvantages of Buying an Aftermarket Repair Kit

Not all colors are rosy. Therefore, it is necessary to reveal the ugly reality. There are downsides to buying an aftermarket rebuild kit.

When buying aftermarket, you can’t just buy aftermarket rebuild kits. Not all manufacturers have the above advantages. Therefore, parts suppliers must be very cautious. Excellent parts supplier, confirming high quality before actual aftermarket manufacturer’s parts are sold to customers.

Another sad fact is that aftermarket manufacturers cannot provide fully usable parts for newly designed engines. Aftermarket manufacturers can’t design patented parts, and it takes time to complete designs that don’t start working right away.

The conclusion

The quality of OEM parts cannot be denied. Those are famous for a reason. However, if you don’t want to be charged exorbitant fees, and there are excellent suppliers, after-sales service is the most suitable. You can get the same or better quality, twice the warranty, and the OEM charges a fraction of the cost of the same parts. However, finding the right supplier is necessary, no doubt about that. Our Landtopmall is such an excellent supplier. A good parts supplier will find those high-quality parts for you and keep you away from cheap manufacturers who have a bad name for aftermarket parts in the first place.

Want to learn more about our aftermarket overhaul-rebuild kits, or want high-quality parts at a low price? Call Landtopmall ( (+852)63548665) or request a quote online today. Our engine parts like the Kubota v2403m engine are for sale now.


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