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Principle and Function of Engine Thrust Plate

It’s not only a bunch of big parts like the cylinder block, crankcase, cylinder head, knock sensor, platinum spark plug, overhead camshaft, and distributor that help the engine run smoothly. What role does the thrust plate play in the engine, and how significant is it?

The thrust plate, which is a type of engine sliding bearing, is primarily responsible for axial support of the crankshaft in the engine, preventing axial movement while ensuring axial rotation.

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Function: It is a sort of engine sliding bearing that primarily serves to support the crankshaft axially within the engine. The axial movement of the crankshaft is also controlled in order to prevent direct friction with the body while the crankshaft is turning.

Principle: To prevent direct friction between the crankshaft and the body while the crankshaft is turning, as well as the axial movement of the crankshaft.

Thrust Plate

What Causes the Thrust Plate to Fail?

When the engine is running, the motive is generated by the belt connecting the various sections of the engine, such as the cylinders, pistons, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and other accessories. Next, consider the role of the thrust plate, which looks like a piece of iron. In the engine, the plate has a significant presence. It supports the engine crankshaft and serves as a link between the body and the crankshaft, keeping the crankshaft from rubbing against the body and reducing damage to both the body and the crankshaft. The engineering design eliminates friction between the engine crankshaft and the body. The thrust piece was created by the designer.

The Common Issues with the Thrust Plate:

  1. The size is too large, the space between the alloy surface and the shaft end is too tiny, friction occurs, and the thrust plate is destroyed before the crankshaft connecting rod, bearing bush, and cylinder block is damaged.
  2. The engine’s size is too small, the clearance is too large, and the axial movement of the crankshaft is excessive, resulting in noise and insufficient horsepower.
  3. The flatness is out of tolerance, there is local contact, and there is no lubricating oil film, resulting in the scrapping of the crankshaft connecting rod bearing bush and cylinder block wear.
  4. The alloy surface is rough, the local area is in point or line contact, and the gap is tiny. The cylinder block will wear due to the scraping of the crankshaft connecting rod bearing bush.
  5. Dirt and burrs leak into the cylinder block, scraping the connecting rod bearing bush and possibly causing the cylinder block to wear.

Thrust Plate

When the engine is running, the thrust plate ensures that the crankshaft not only rotates but also has an axial movement force. The repercussions of the crankshaft moving axially with the connecting rod can be envisioned, therefore adding a thrust plate to manage this gap (part of it is directly installed on the crankshaft, and some are put on the cylinder block) can be imagined.

Installation method: The thrust plate is used to modify the crankshaft’s axial clearance, and an O-shaped gasket is installed between the shoe seat and the pillow block. You can put down two pieces if you can put down one. The abrasive side is facing the crankshaft. Then check to see if the gasket thickness matches the gap. The oil nest, which is lubricated between the crankshaft and the stopper, is the one with the cut surface.

It’s worth noting that installing the thrust piece backward accelerates the wear of the stopper piece, causing the crankshaft to loosen from left to right. The oil will be contaminated by the worn stopper piece, which will affect the entire engine internals. The engine will be removed and all components will be damaged.


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