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Procedures for regular maintenance of water pumps  


Ensure that the pump is always in good operation or standby state.

Scope of application

All buildings install the living pump, fire pump, spray pump, pressure filling pump, sewage pump, and air conditioning pump.


The maintenance personnel of the management office shall be responsible for the regular maintenance of the pump.


Daily inspection and maintenance of the daily water pump and air conditioning pump shall be carried out once a week and shall be fully maintained every six months.

Fire pump and spray pump every month, pressure pump every February, the operation time is 10-15 minutes, the fire pump starts at the top of the pipe network to test the outlet water injection range of more than 6M, every six months for comprehensive maintenance.

Sewage pump, submersible pump every six months for comprehensive maintenance.

When the water pump is maintained, the valve, pressure gauge, pipe, and so on should be connected to the pump body in the 2 meters range.

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Procedures for regular maintenance of water pumps  

Pump body maintenance

Check the pump body should is free from damage, the nameplate intact, clear and clear water flow direction, clean appearance, and good paint.

Replenish lubricating oil, if the oil changes, there are impurities, that should be replaced.

Check the packing seal condition, if there is leakage, add or replace asbestos rope packing.

The coupling bolts and rubber pads of the coupling shall be replaced if there is any damage.

Tighten the screw and do rust control.

Because of the frequent operation of the domestic water pump and the air conditioning pump, the bearings at both ends of the coupling shall be disassembled or replaced every year.

Motor maintenance

The appearance inspection should be clean, the nameplate is intact, and the grounding wire is connected well.

Take apart the wire connecting piece in the motor junction box, and test the insulation resistance value of the motor winding phase to phase and relative to the field with 500V Meg meter.

The three-phase wire and connecting plate in the motor junction box shall be firmly and tightly.

Maintenance of relevant valves, pipes, and accessories

The switch of each valve should be flexible and reliable, and there is no leakage inside and outside.

One-way valve action should be flexible, body inside and outside the water leakage.

The pressure gauge is accurate and the dial is clear.

The exterior of the pipe and accessories is neat and beautiful, without cracks, and the paint should be completely free from shedding.

The point of action determines whether the pump is steering correctly, if wrong, should be corrected.

Control cabinet maintenance

Disconnect the total power supply of the control cabinet, check each switch, and the start and stop button action should be flexible and reliable.

Check whether the air switch, contactor, relay, and other electrical appliances in the cabinet are in good condition, and tighten the wiring screws of each electrical contact thread and terminal.

Clean and control the dust inside and outside the cabinet.

Close the total power supply and check the power indicator to be normal.

After maintenance, start the pump and observe whether the ammeter and indicator light indicate whether normal.

Observe the pump operation should be smooth, there is no obvious vibration and abnormal sound, the pressure gauge indicates normal, and all electrical appliances in the control cabinet are not noisy.

Main pump maintenance project

Check stuffing box

When this pump is sealed with a stuffing box, it must pay attention to the tightness of the filler, too loose and leakage too much affects the performance, in normal, the leakage amount should be in each minute about 60 drops, dripping is normal, and the surrounding splash water is not normal.

Check mechanical seal

This pump in the use of a mechanical seal, does not break the water condition, debugging can only make instantaneous point movement, the mechanical device in the normal operation will have a small amount of water dripping out of the water-retaining ring, when the amount of leakage is large, should check the friction ring, Maintenance or replacement of the mechanical seal under normal conditions of 8000 hours life, generally do not need to complete the replacement as long as the change of the ring and static ring this pair of friction ring can.

Lubricating bearing

This pump adopts imported SKF series bearing semi-closed type, when leaving the factory has been added high temperature and smooth grease, can run continuously for 2 years, after every year to add grease.

Check the impeller to clear foreign body

In case of special circumstances, the pump impeller is damaged or rolled into a foreign body, which needs to be checked and cleaned, the bearing body and tail cover shall be removed, and the shaft and impeller shall be pulled out of the backward surface, and the pump body and inlet and outlet water shall not be removed.

Check vulnerable parts

The main vulnerable parts of the pump include elastic coupling, mechanical seal, dynamic ring, o-type rubber roll, bearing, impeller nut, packing plate, etc.



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