Alternator 185046160 12V 20A for Perkins Engine 403D-11 403C-11 103-09 103-10

Alternator 185046160 12V 20A for Perkins Engine 403D-11 403C-11 103-09 103-10


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Alternator 185046160 12V 20A for Perkins Engine 403D-11 403C-11 103-09 103-10



Perkins Engine 403D-11 403C-11 103-09 103-10


Voltage:12 Volts
Amps: 20 Amps


Engine Type :

Engine Type :
GJ Company name : 403D-11GJ65471R GJ65471U GJ65598N GJ65598R GJ65598U GJ65601U GJ65603U GJ65604U GJ65605N GJ65605R GJ65605U GJ65606R GJ65606U GJ65612U GJ65634U GJ65648N GJ65662N GJ65662R GJ65662U GJ65677U GJ65678N GJ65678R GJ65678U GJ65679N GJ65679R GJ65679U GJ65680N GJ65680U GJ65692U GJ65710N GJ65753U GJ65757R GJ65757U GJ65761N GJ65761U GJ65762U GJ65763N GJ65763U GJ65768U GJ65769U GJ65988U GJ66024N GJ66025R GJ66025U GJ66026R GJ66026U GJ66032R GJ66032U GJ66033R GJ66033U GJ66034R GJ66034U GJ66035R GJ66035U GJ66043U GJ66063U GJ66106U GJ66196R GJ71018N GJ71037N GJ71037R GJ71151U GJ71197U

Engine Type :
GTGT51789R GT51789U

Engine Type :

Engine Type :
HH Company name : 403C-11HH35114U HH35115N HH35115U HH35116U HH35118N HH35118U HH35119U HH35121U HH35123U HH35124U HH35160U HH35165N HH35165U HH35175U HH35176N HH35176U HH35177U HH35179U HH35180N HH35180U HH51143U HH51269U HH65026U HH65052U HH70542N HH70542U HH81446U HH81497U HH81530J HH81530U HH81589U

Engine Type :
KC Company name : 103-09KC30201 KC30203 KC30205 KC30206 KC30209 KC30210 KC30225 KC30226 KC30227 KC80462 KC30228 KC30229 KC30230 KC30233 KC30234 KC30235 KC30236 KC70205 KC70212 KC80439

Engine Type :
KD Company name : 103-10KD30202 KD30204 KD30207 KD30208 KD30211 KD30212 KD30237 KD30238 KD30238J KD30238U KD30239 KD30239J KD30239U KD30240 KD30240J KD30240U KD30241 KD30241J KD30241U KD30242 KD30242J KD30242U KD30245 KD30245J KD30245U KD30246 KD30246J KD30246U KD30247 KD30247-1 KD30247J KD30247U KD30248 KD30248J KD30248U KD31400U KD31401U KD31402U KD31403U KD31404U KD31405U KD31452U KD50300 KD50326 KD50326J KD50332 KD50382 KD50382J KD50382U KD50493 KD50493J KD50493U KD50559 KD50559J KD50559U KD50728U KD50770U KD50771U KD50791U KD50834U KD70233 KD70260 KD70286U KD70460U KD70471U KD70507U KD70515U KD70524U KD70556U KD80412 KD80412J KD80513 KD80513J KD80513U KD80589 KD80668 KD80668J KD80668U KD80694 KD80694J KD80694U KD80976U KD81354U

Engine Type :

Engine Type :
KDGKDG1500U-140804H KDG3000U-147015J

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