Engine Water Pump MP10552 MP10431 for Perkins Engine 804C-33 804D-33

Engine Water Pump MP10552 MP10431 for Perkins Engine 804C-33 804D-33


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Water Pump MP10552 MP10431 For Perkins Engine 804C-33 804D-33

Water pump with Gasket.

Part No.:
MP10552,replaces MP10431 since 26/12/2008.

Perkins Engine 804C-33,804C-33T,804D-33,804D-33T


Engine Type :
UEEngine : 804C-33UE35138 UE35139 UE35140 UE35243 UE35247

Engine Type :
UFEngine : 804C-33TUF35147 UF35148 UF35149 UF35150 UF35151 UF35153 UF35154 UF35155 UF35156 UF35157 UF35160 UF35161 UF35162 UF35216 UF35217 UF35246 UF35248 UF35250

Engine Type :
UKEngine : 804D-33UK35218 UK35219 UK35220 UK35221 UK35242 UK71055 UK71147 UK82294

Engine Type :
ULEngine : 804D-33TUL35226 UL35227 UL35228 UL35230 UL35232 UL35233 UL35234 UL35235 UL35236 UL35237 UL35238 UL35239 UL35245 UL35251 UL35252 UL35253 UL35254 UL35255 UL35256 UL35257 UL35265 UL70770 UL70773 UL70774 UL70838 UL70839 UL70854 UL71072 UL71102 UL81951 UL81954 UL81977 UL82048 UL82104 UL82118 UL82433

Additional information

Weight 14.569 kg

For Perkins

Part NO.

MP10552 MP10431