Fuel Injector 2855135 for CASE Engine Tractor MAGNUM 180 190 200 240 MAXXUM 110 120 130
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Fuel Injector 2855135 for CASE Engine Tractor MAGNUM 180 190 200 240 MAXXUM 110 120 130


The Fuel Injector passed rigorous quality tests.

Meet expectations for fit, form, and function.

Please confirm the part number with your old item before buying.

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Bosch Fuel Injector 2855135 for CASE Engine Tractor MAGNUM 180 190 200 240 MAXXUM 110 120 130

Please confirm the injector according to the correct part number instead of just a model or looks the same, and all the injectors passed the test before shipping. This 100% original part doesn’t offer any warranty, exchange or return service.

Part Number:
2855135 CASE


100A, 120A, 150A, 170A, F4DE9684B J112, F4DE9684B J114, F4DE9684L J112, F4DE9684L J113, F4DFE4131 B007, F4DFE4131 B008, F4DFE4132 B005, F4DFE4132 B006, F4DFE413A A003, F4DFE413B A002, F4DFE413C A003, F4DFE413C A004, F4DFE413D A002, F4DFE413E A002, F4DFE6132 A002, F4DFE613B A004, F4DFE613B B006, F4DFE613C A005, F4DFE613E A002, F4DFE613F A002, F4DFE613G A004, F4DFE613H B003, F4DFE613J A004, F4HE0484D B101, F4HE9484M J100, F4HE96841 J102, F4HE9684D J100, F4HE9684D J101, F4HE9684D J102, F4HE9684D J103, F4HE9684D J105, F4HE9684D J109, F4HE9684J J100, F4HE9684J J102, F4HE9684J J106, F4HE9687G J100, F4HE9687G J101, F4HE9687G J104, F4HE9687N J104, F4HE9687S J100, F4HE9687S J106, F4HE9687T J104, F4HFA613A E002, F4HFA613F E005, F4HFA613G E001, F4HFA613K E003, F4HFA613L E001, F4HFA613M E001, F4HFA613N E001, F4HFA613N E005, F4HFE4135 B003, F4HFE413A E001, F4HFE413A E002, F4HFE413C A002, F4HFE413E A002, F4HFE413H A001, F4HFE413H A007, F4HFE413H B004, F4HFE413J A002, F4HFE413J A003, F4HFE413V B001, F4HFE413W B003, F4HFE6131 A003, F4HFE6131 A004, F4HFE6131 A005, F4HFE6131 B003, F4HFE6132 A003, F4HFE6132 A014, F4HFE6138 A002, F4HFE613B B006, F4HFE613C B004, F4HFE613D B006, F4HFE613D B007, F4HFE613E B005, F4HFE613F A001, F4HFE613F A012, F4HFE613F B002, F4HFE613F B004, F4HFE613F E002, F4HFE613F E003, F4HFE613H B003, F4HFE613J A006, F4HFE613J A017, F4HFE613P A003, F4HFE613P A004, F4HFE613R A003, F4HFE613R A004, F4HFE613R B005, F4HFE613R B006, F4HFE613S A002, F4HFE613S A003, F4HFE613S B003, F4HFE613S B004, F4HFE613T A004, F4HFE613T A005, F4HFE613U A005, F4HFE613U A006, F4HFE613V A003, F4HFE613X A003, F4HFE613X A004, F4HFE613Y A003, F4HFE613Y A004, F4HFE613Y A005, F4HFE613Z A005, P215, P240

CASE Tractor:
3230, 3330, SPX3320, MAGNUM 180, MAGNUM 190, MAGNUM 200, MAGNUM 210, MAGNUM 220, MAGNUM 225, MAGNUM 240, MAXXUM 110, MAXXUM 120, MAXXUM 130, PUMA 125, PUMA 130, PUMA 140, PUMA 145, PUMA 155, PUMA 160, PUMA 165, PUMA 170, PUMA 180, PUMA 185, PUMA 195, PUMA 200, PUMA 210, PUMA 215, PUMA 225, PUMA 230, PUMA 2304, PUMA1854, PUMA2104

CASE Crawler Dozer:
1850K, 521E, 521F, 621F, 721F, 821E, 821F, 845B, 865B, 865B AWD, 885B, 885B AWD, 921F

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