Fuel Lift Pump 4132A018
Diesel Fuel Lift Pump 4132A018 ULPK0038 For Perkins Engine

Diesel Fuel Lift Pump 4132A018 ULPK0038 For Perkins Engine


Diesel Fuel Lift Pump 4132A018 ULPK0038 For Perkins Engine.We carry out a great selection of cylinder heads, overhaul kits, injection pumps, turbochargers, radiators, oil coolers, water pumps, fuel pumps, mufflers, and other engine parts. Browse our online catalog and choose the one that fits your needs.

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Diesel Fuel Lift Pump 4132A018 ULPK0038 For Perkins Engine

13.5V, 0 Bar 140L/H

Replace part number:

788071 746434 746433

Massey Ferguson – Industrial
4226937M91 4226484M1


1104D-44,1104D-44T,1104D-44TA,1104C-44,1104C-E44,1104C-44T,1104C-E44T,1104C-44TA, 1104C-E44TA
Engine Type:NK Engine Number:1104D-44
NK38871 NK38935 NK38941 NK75036 NK75036R NK75064 NK75101 NK75104 NK75104R NK75114 NK75199 NK75239 NK75239R NK75277 NK75277R NK75294 NK75391 NK75402 NK75403 NK75406 NK75506 NK75514 NK75535 NK82033 NK82058 NK82284 NK82299 NK82337

Engine Type:NL Engine Number:1104D-44T
NL38624 NL38666 NL38667 NL38722 NL38723 NL38724 NL38725 NL38730 NL38731 NL38732 NL38733 NL38738 NL38739 NL38740 NL38741 NL38746 NL38752 NL38753 NL38761 NL38778 NL38778B NL38779 NL38779B NL38785 NL38785B NL38789 NL38790 NL38791 NL38791B NL38803 NL38818 NL38819 NL38820 NL38820B NL38825 NL38826 NL38827 NL38828 NL38831 NL38832 NL38833 NL38834 NL38836 NL38841 NL38844 NL38847 NL38848 NL38849 NL38850 NL38851 NL38853 NL38857 NL38862 NL38867 NL38868 NL38870 NL38870R NL38879 NL38886 NL38892 NL38893 NL38894 NL38895 NL38896 NL38898 NL38902 NL38903 NL38908 NL38909 NL38910 NL38913 NL38918 NL38921 NL38922 NL38924 NL38925 NL38927 NL38928 NL38930 NL38932 NL38933 NL38934 NL38937 NL38938 NL38940 NL38943 NL38944 NL38945 NL38946 NL38947 NL38948 NL38949 NL38950 NL38952 NL38953 NL38953R NL38954 NL38954R NL38955 NL38962 NL38968 NL38973 NL38976 NL38976R NL38977 NL38977R NL38978 NL38979 NL38980 NL38994 NL38995 NL51279 NL51623 NL51660 NL51672 NL51689 NL51691 NL51693 NL51696 NL51697 NL51698 NL51700 NL51712 NL51713 NL51728 NL51734 NL51736 NL51740 NL51741 NL51742 NL51743 NL70705 NL70705R NL70710 NL70713 NL70730 NL70778 NL70781 NL70782 NL70786 NL70788 NL70794R NL70797 NL70804 NL70810 NL70828 NL70836 NL70844 NL70864 NL70868 NL70870 NL70877 NL70929 NL70943 NL70945 NL70946 NL70947 NL70948 NL70951 NL70969 NL70970 NL70972 NL70973 NL71003 NL71027 NL71074 NL71123 NL71173 NL71229 NL71231 NL71234 NL71235 NL75000 NL75003 NL75007 NL75007R NL75010 NL75015 NL75020 NL75021 NL75022 NL75031 NL75033 NL75037 NL75042 NL75044 NL75045 NL75049 NL75054 NL75057 NL75060 NL75061 NL75062 NL75063 NL75068 NL75078 NL75085 NL75085R NL75087 NL75088 NL75090 NL75094 NL75094R NL75095 NL75096 NL75099 NL75100 NL75105 NL75112 NL75113 NL75115 NL75119 NL75130 NL75131 NL75132 NL75138 NL75138R NL75152 NL75153 NL75154 NL75163 NL75184 NL75188 NL75189 NL75195 NL75198 NL75201 NL75206 NL75209 NL75241 NL75249 NL75250 NL75258 NL75259 NL75276 NL75288 NL75291 NL75292 NL75293 NL75295 NL75302 NL75306 NL75307 NL75312 NL75313 NL75314 NL75315 NL75316 NL75319 NL75320 NL75323 NL75324 NL75324R NL75331 NL75332 NL75333 NL75352 NL75354 NL75354R NL75364R NL75368 NL75369 NL75375 NL75381 NL75383 NL75383R NL75397 NL75420 NL75426 NL75427 NL75431 NL75446 NL75449R NL75469 NL75472 NL75477 NL75481R NL75483 NL75499 NL75501R NL75509 NL75526 NL75549R NL75550R NL75573 NL75581 NL75588 NL75659 NL81849 NL81858R NL81865R NL81868 NL81873 NL81881 NL81884 NL81885 NL81886 NL81887 NL81896 NL81899 NL81913 NL81914 NL81924 NL81927 NL81928 NL81929 NL81931 NL81942 NL81967 NL81968 NL81971 NL81972 NL81973 NL81979 NL81980 NL81993 NL81994 NL81996 NL81997 NL82003 NL82004 NL82005 NL82022 NL82034 NL82035 NL82036 NL82040 NL82047 NL82051 NL82052 NL82056 NL82067 NL82074 NL82083 NL82096 NL82101 NL82108 NL82117 NL82122 NL82124 NL82125 NL82127 NL82129 NL82135 NL82136 NL82157 NL82159 NL82172 NL82173 NL82184 NL82185 NL82186 NL82187 NL82188 NL82198 NL82215 NL82231 NL82234 NL82237 NL82262 NL82314 NL82326 NL82329 NL82350 NL82351 NL82354 NL82385 NL82423 NL82474 NL82480 NL82506 NL82514

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