overhual rebuild kit
New Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Kubota D722 Engine

New Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Kubota D722 Engine


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Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Kubota D722 Engine

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Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Kubota D722 Engine

Note:The Cylinder Liner is Semi-finished type

Part Number:

Models with Kubota D722, D722E-BX, D722E-GX Engine
Refer Kubota Tractor B7300HSD, B7400HSD, B7410D, BX1800D, BX1830D, BX1850D, BX1860, G1900, G1900-S, G2160/G2160-DS/G2160AU, GF1800, GF1800E, GR2100, GR2110, GR2120, GR2120B, K-008, K-008(>=20001), K008-3(KTC/KCL), T1600H, T1600H-EUROPE, T1600H-G, TG1860, U15, ZD18, ZD18F, ZD21, ZD21F, ZD221, ZD321, ZD321N,not only these models.

Piston Part Number:

Piston Ring Part Number:

Cylinder Liner Part Number:

Piston Size:
Total Length(TL):59.0mm

Cylinder Liner Size:
Total Length(TL):135.0mm
Inner Diameter(ID):67.0mm
Outer Diameter(OD):70.5mm

1 Set of Overhaul Gasket Kit,07916-29435
3 Cylinder Liners,Semi-finished product
3 Pistons,STD,16851-21114
3 Piston Pins
6 Snap Rings
3 Rod Bushings
Set Rings For 3 Pistons,STD,16853-21050
1 Set of Main Bearings
1 Set of Con Rod Bearings,16851-22320
3 Intake Valves,14601-13110
3 Exhaust Valves,14601-13120
6 Valve Guides
3 Intake Valves Seats
3 Exhaust Valves Seats

More Information
Engine For KUBOTA
Engine NO. D722, D722E-BX, D722E-GX
OEM NO. 07916-29435,0791629435,16851-21114,1685121114,16853-21050,1685321050,14601-13120,1460113120,14601-13110,1460113110,16851-22320,1685122320

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