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Simple Introduction and Maintenance of Excavator Olecranon Shears

What are olecranon scissors? How to maintain the olecranon shears? Next, I will briefly introduce it to you. The olecranon shears are heavy-duty hydraulic shears, large cylinders, mounted on excavators for dismantling scraps such as scrap trucks, shears, steel, tanks, pipes, etc. These shears can be used in different work scenarios, including the dismantling of workshops, recycling of waste materials, etc., and can cut iron materials. Unique design and innovation guarantee olecranon shears for steel, cans, tubes, etc. The machine has high efficiency and strong cutting force, and its performance is more than 15% compared with ordinary hydraulic shearing machines. It is one of the larger shear forces in the hydraulic shearing of excavators.


excavator olecranon scissors


The olecranon scissors can be used to cut waste materials. It can also be applied to the recycling of scrap metal materials, the recycling, and reuse of scrap steel, the dismantling of scrapped automobiles, etc. Realize 360-degree hydraulic rotation, allowing you to fully grasp the situation on-site and improve your workability. The patented speed-increasing valve increases the working speed. The steel structure of the H-beam I-beam can be removed by one shear. The new CS range of olecranon shears ensures efficient waste disposal by increasing product strength and employing special clamp sizes and blade designs. All CS olecranons feature quick and easy blade changes, reducing machine downtime and optimizing productivity. The shear strength and shear strength of CS chickpeas are strong in the market. LandTopMall has a first-class product and accessories experts, we can provide you with the most accurate and cost-effective advice. If your excavator needs replacement parts, please contact us at (+852) 63548665, or log in to the official website to purchase. We not only sell Connecting Rod Bearing 8976163580 but also sell oil pumps of major brands, such as d722-e4b oil pumps.

During the use of the excavator olecranon shears, if there is noise, it should be stopped and checked in time to find out the cause of the failure. Secondly, the noise condition of the hydraulic shears of the excavator is analyzed, and friends who want to know about it also begin to pay attention.

1. There is an impact sound when touched. The main reason is that the directional control valve closes too quickly, and the shock absorber plug in the backpressure control oil circuit should be reduced.

2. When the upper tool rest returns to the top dead center or stops at any position, there will be a crashing sound. The main reason: the directional control valve is suddenly closed, and the pressure control valve is suddenly opened, causing hydraulic shock.

3. When the upper and lower tool rests descend to the bottom dead center, hydraulic shock will occur at the moment of the reverse stroke. The main reason: When the tool holder is lowered, the hydraulic oil in the pipeline is in a high-pressure state, and a large amount of energy is stored in the pipeline and oil. When the tool holder returns, the oil is unloaded and the energy is suddenly released, resulting in a hydraulic shock.

The above is all about the maintenance of excavator olecranon shears. If you need to know more about the popular science knowledge of excavators, you can continue to pay attention to my blog. If you need to purchase accessories recently, you can log in to LandTopMall to purchase by yourself or call (+852) 63548665 to contact our accessories experts for consultation. We not only sell Connecting Rod Bearing 8976163580 but also sell oil pumps of major brands, such as d722-e4b oil pumps and so on. We guarantee to provide you with the highest quality service and highest quality products.


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