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LANDTOPMALL Have New High Quality Skid Steer Engine Cylinder Liner

LANDTOPMALL is a mall specializing in all kinds of tractor parts, and engine parts are also our focus of research. And one of the main products is the skid steer engine cylinder liner.

What the Cylinder Liner in The Skid Steer Engine Cylinder Liner Is:

The cylinder liner is the abbreviation of the cylinder liner. It is embedded in the cylinder barrel of the cylinder block and forms the combustion chamber together with the piston and the cylinder head. Cylinder liner is divided into two categories: dry cylinder liner and wet cylinder liner. The cylinder liner whose back does not in contact with the cooling water is called a dry cylinder liner, and the cylinder liner whose back is in contact with the cooling water is a wet cylinder liner. The thickness of the dry cylinder liner is thin, the structure is simple, and the processing is convenient. The wet cylinder liner is in direct contact with the cooling water, so it is beneficial to the cooling of the engine and to the miniaturization and weight reduction of the engine.

The Meaning of The Slip in The Skid Steer Engine Cylinder Liner:

Skid steer motion is commonly used on tracked vehicles, such as tanks and bulldozers, but is also used on some four- and six-wheeled vehicles. On these cars, the wheels on either side can be driven at different speeds or directions (the wheels on each side have the same speed). As the name suggests, there is no explicit turning mechanism, as slip steering is achieved by driving the sides in different directions or speeds. It is not difficult to understand the combination of the two, the skid steer engine cylinder liner is the cylinder liner applied to the engine, and can make the wheels on both sides of the car drive at different speeds or directions.

Skid Steer Engine Cylinder Liner

Skid steer engine cylinder liners are generally made of gray cast iron or aluminum alloy; this cast iron material was originally designed to meet the needs of wear resistance and strength. Although it has a hard pearlite matrix and finer graphite by adding alloys, it is necessary to improve performance. , So, in recent years, the composite material of dispersed hardened material has become the mainstream.

Replacing Key Points And Replacement Method of Slip Engine Cylinder Liner

When you need to replace the skid steer engine cylinder liners, it’s mostly a pull cylinder. Diesel engine pulling cylinder refers to the phenomenon that the piston assembly of the diesel engine and the working surface of the cylinder interact violently (caused by friction), resulting in excessive wear, pulling, scratches, abrasions, cracks, or bites on the working surface. There are different degrees of adhesive wear under lubricated conditions. When the cylinder is pulled lightly, the cylinder liner and piston components will be damaged. As a result, major accidents are caused. Therefore, the formation mechanism of diesel engine cylinder failure is analyzed, early prediction and correct countermeasures are found, the correct management and use of diesel engines, improve reliability and prolonged service life, and improve management personnel. The ability has a very important meaning. Reasonable use and attention to maintenance (regular inspection) can also reduce diesel engine cylinder failures.

Skid Steer Engine Cylinder Liner

        Next, attach the method of disassembling the skid steer engine cylinder liner by yourself: first, the preparation work before disassembly is to prepare lifting equipment and special tools, and check to confirm the integrity of its technical state. Cover the upper part of the crankpin with canvas to prevent debris from contaminating the oil pan, clean the top of the cylinder liner, and confirm the positioning mark. Next, install the special tool for dismantling, put the pad iron on the upper-end face of the cylinder block, and place the pressure plate on the pad iron across the diameter of the cylinder liner. Insert the tie rod bolts through the middle hole of the pressure plate, screw the nut through the middle hole of the support plate with the lower part of the cylinder liner, and clamp the cylinder liner between the pressure plate and the support plate. Finally, pull out the cylinder liner and screw in the nut on the upper part of the tie rod bolt to gradually pull out the cylinder liner. After the sealing rubber ring at the lower part of the cylinder liner passes over the mating surface, the cylinder liner is in a free state. Continue to screw in the nut on the upper part of the tie rod bolt to clamp the cylinder liner between the support plate and the pressure plate. Adjust the hook so that it is located on the extension line of the cylinder axis, hang it on the lock, and hang the cylinder liner on the skid. In this way, the whole process of removing the skid steer engine cylinder liner is completed.



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