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The difference between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine

Gasoline engine

A gasoline engine that USES gasoline as fuel to convert internal energy into kinetic energy. Because the gasoline viscosity is small, evaporation is fast, one can use the gasoline injection system to spray gasoline into the cylinder, after compression to reach a certain temperature and pressure, use the spark plug to ignite, make the gas expansion work principle.

The advantages of gasoline engines

First of all, the gasoline version price is relatively cheap, maintenance is very convenient and easy to save. It’s much easier to replace parts for a gasoline version of an RV than for a diesel engine. The speed of the gasoline engine is high (at present, the speed of a gasoline engine used in a truck is generally 3000-4000R/MIN, and the maximum speed of a gasoline engine used in a car can reach 5000-6000r/min). Easy to start, so it has been widely used in cars and small and medium-sized trucks, and military SUVs.

The difference between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine

The disadvantages of gasoline engines

High fuel consumption rate, poor economy, low exhaust purification index. Since car, bus, and other gasoline engine vehicles often drive in the city, due to road congestion is often in a stop and open state, the engine also idle speed operation, the temperature is low, even under normal operating conditions, gasoline engine temperature and pressure are lower than that of diesel engine, Therefore, under the working conditions of the gasoline engine, engine oil is easy to produce low-temperature sludge, so gasoline engine oil is required to have good low-temperature sludge dispersion.

Diesel engine

A diesel engine is an engine that burns diesel to get energy released. It was invented in 1892 by German inventor Rudolf Diesel, which was used as Diesel in memory of the inventor, and Diesel engines are also called Diesel engines. In LandTopMall we sell crank connecting rod mechanisms, cylinder head, and body, valve mechanism design, fuel injection systems, etc.

The advantages of diesel engines

Long life and durable. Diesel engine speed is low, related parts are not easy to age, parts wear is less than the gasoline engine, life is relatively long, no ignition system and auxiliary electrical equipment is less, so the failure rate of the diesel engine is far lower than that of the gasoline engine.

High safety. Compared with gasoline, it is not volatile, the ignition point is higher, and it is not easy to be ignited or exploded due to accidental circumstances, so diesel is more stable and safe than gasoline.

Low speed and large torque. Diesel engines usually get high torque at very low speeds, which is superior to gasoline engines on complex roads, slopes, and loads. But in the high speed of the highway, the speed of speed is not as good as the gasoline car.

The disadvantages of diesel engines

The ignition mode of the diesel engine is the combustion type. Compared with gasoline cars, it has no spark plug structure. That’s why diesel cars are equipped with urea tanks that neutralize the toxic gas to prevent them from polluting the atmosphere.

The noise of diesel engines is relatively large, which is caused by its own construction, which affects the ride comfort of passengers. However, with the further improvement in technology, the noise control of diesel engines on mid-grade and high-end models is basically similar to that of car engines.

When the temperature is low in winter, if the diesel oil is selected incorrectly, the freezing tubing will occur, resulting in abnormal diesel engine work.

How to choose

The life of a diesel engine is longer than that of a gasoline car, the distance of a coach a year is quite a lifetime of private car mileage, and the engine of a coach generally has to run a million kilometers before overhaul, some better diesel car to car scrapped engine is not much repaired, Diesel engines have good fatigue resistance, and running at high speeds or slopes for long periods of time will not fail like gasoline cars, especially when they are equipped with air conditioning. However, the disadvantages of diesel engines are also obvious, the noise is larger than that of gasoline cars, the speed is slow, the winter preheating time is long, and the vibration is larger.  In a word, gasoline cars are more convenient if they are often in the city. If it is highly recommended that diesel vehicles, whether at high speed or in the mountains, are the advantages to gasoline cars that cannot be compared.


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