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The function of turbocharger and matters needing attention

Role of turbocharger

Increase engine power. Under the condition that the engine displacement is unchanged, the engine can be increased by increasing the intake density, so that the engine can spray more oil, so as to improve the engine power, and the engine power and torque after adding the supercharger should increase by 20% ~ 30%.

Improve engine emissions. Turbocharger engines reduce particulate matter and nitrogen in engine exhaust by improving engine combustion efficiency

Provide plateau compensation. In some high-altitude areas, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, and the engine with a turbocharger can overcome.

Improve fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption. Because the engine combustion performance with turbochargers is better, it can save fuel by 3-5%.

The most direct effect of turbochargers is to improve the vehicle’s dynamic performance. Compared with the natural suction engine, the engine with a turbine can increase the maximum power of the engine by 30%~40%, or more. Especially in areas where the air is at high altitudes is thinner, it also has a lower torque outlet point relative to the natural suction engine, and a broader torque plain, which makes it faster in daily use. Motivation feels better. Therefore, it can make small-displacement models have a power level that can be comparable to higher displacement models, and at the same time, it can reduce CO2 exhaust gas by 10% to 20% in emission, which has a great contribution to environmental protection. In addition, if you drive smoothly, it won’t be more fuel-efficient than models with no turbines. So turbocharged engines have become a development direction for future automotive power.

Maintenance notice

Turbocharger belongs to the high-temperature component because the gas driving it is directly from the exhaust gas discharged in the cylinder, the temperature is up to 900-1000-c, while in the full load state, the turbine speed can reach 180,000 to 200,000 revolutions per minute. Obviously, turbines are running at such a high temperature and so fast, which requires particularly efficient and stable lubrication conditions. In addition, working in a high temperature and high-pressure environment, various components and lubricants of the supercharger must have good high-temperature resistance and sealing, so we should start with these characteristics according to these characteristics from the following aspects. LandTopmall is a professional engine parts supplier with many years of experience.  Recently, the sales of the thrust film suitable for d750 Kubota in our store are very good. The Kubota engine has superb quality if there is a need, welcome to consult to buy.

 The function of turbocharger and matters needing attention

The oil must be used well

Damage to turbochargers is usually damaged by the oil seal between them and the intake pipe, which leads to large-scale burning of oil, and from our investigation, the damage to the seal is largely due to the failure of the owner to replace the oil on time or use the inferior oil. The main rotating shaft of the floating turbine cannot be lubricated and heated normally and thus damage the oil seal at high temperature and oil leakage. Therefore, we recommend that turbocharged engines should choose high-quality oil with high-temperature resistance and antioxidant resistance. And pay attention to the appropriate shortening of oil replacement cycles.

Keep the turbine clean

The fitting clearance between the turbocharger shaft and shaft sleeve is small, so if the oil used is not clean or impurities are caused by the oil filter, then the excessive wear and wear of the turbocharger. In addition, if the air in the air contains a lot of impurities, once these dust particles enter the high-speed turbocharger impeller, will cause dust particles to hit the turbocharger impeller, resulting in turbine instability, shaft sleeve, and sealing wear, Therefore, the model using turbines should pay special attention to timely replacement of oil filters and air filters, so as to keep the turbines clean.

The cold car starts to go slow, the hot car also idles for a while and then stall

Through the above understanding, we now know that the turbine is a kind of high-speed operating component, so it needs the real-time protection of lubricating oil. In the early stage of cold car startup, the oil temperature is usually low, it is thicker and the lubrication effect is not good. When it heats up to normal working temperature, it takes a process and time. If you force the turbine to work at full load within a few minutes, it will increase the wear and tear of the turbine and shorten its life of the turbine. So the correct method of use is, you should idle speed operation for a few minutes in the first few minutes of driving, wait for the oil to enter the best state, then step on the accelerator to let the engine run at high speed, especially in the northern winter, after the cold car starts, must pay attention to let the car hot and then walk, it is comfortable you are also comfortable. And it’s very easy for most car owners to ignore parking. Because the turbine works at a very high temperature, you’d better idle in place and then stop the car. At this time, the engine’s oil and cooling system are still working. This can reduce the temperature of the turbine a little bit, and it is important to note that after the engine is out, the turbine will continue to operate due to inertia, and the oil will still need to be lubricated at this point, and if you suddenly turn off the engine, the whole engine system will no longer work. The turbine’s cooling system and supply of lubricating oil will come to, which can only be cooled by nature, which will lead to a sharp decline in turbine life. In addition, there are new turbocharged engines that have solved the problem of cooling after parking by charging additional cooling system pump control valves, but it is important to note that the oil system still doesn’t work when you turn off the engine. The lubrication effect of the turbine is reduced, so we recommend that models with turbo-engines be better able to idle in place for a while and then put out.

Regular inspection is critical

As the name suggests, regular checks are just like regular tests of our bodies. First, we should often check the appearance of turbochargers. To see if there is any damage to each sealing ring, whether there is any sign of loosening and seepage in the oil inlet pipe and return tubing joint, whether there is residual organic oil in the exhaust outlet of the supercharger, whether there is organic oil in the inlet pipe wall of the compressor, and whether there is abnormal or abnormal vibration of the turbocharger. If the above abnormal phenomenon is found in your normal use, you need to go to the 4S store as soon as possible to check it to avoid more serious component damage. It is not difficult to find that turbocharged engines need to pay special attention to two points when they are used at ordinary times. Another point is to pay attention to the hot car before leaving the car in your daily use. It is better not to turn off the engine immediately when you stop. Just pay attention to these two points, we can enjoy the free power of turbocharged engines.



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