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Three Reasons for the Damage of the Cutter Head of the Milling Machine

The cutter head of the milling machine is a wearing part in the accessories of the milling machine, so how is the accessory damaged and how to prolong the service life?

When the milling machine is working, the cutter head is directly in contact with the road surface for cutting. The condition of the cutter head is not only related to the quality of the milling surface, but also to the service life of the cutter seat. If the cutter head is worn, it should be replaced, otherwise it will damage the cutter seat. The damage of the cutter seat will react on the cutter head, causing the cutter head to break frequently and abnormally, increasing the abnormal wear and tear of the cutter head. It can be seen that effective maintenance of the cutter head is very important.

Three Reasons for the Damage of the Cutter Head of the Milling Machine

The Reasons for Abnormal Damage of the Cutter Head Are Summarized As Follows:

In one case, the user saves the cutter head and uses the cutter head to the limit, resulting in accelerated wear of the cutter seat. Another situation is that the tool holder continues to be used after reaching the wear limit, which will cause the normal working condition of the tool head to be destroyed and cause abnormal damage such as partial wear and breakage of the tool head.

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1. Abnormal Damage Caused by Bottom Cleaning Operation

When cleaning the bottom of the bridge, due to the different depths of the steel bars laid on the bridge surface, it is easy to mill the steel bars during milling, resulting in the collapse of the tip of the cutter head, the breakage of the cutter head from the handle or the falling off of the cutter seat. . Seriously, after the rebar can be rolled on the milling drum for a week, the milling drum can be wrapped around the milling drum, causing the milling drum to be stuck, which will cause the engine to automatically shut down due to overload or cause damage to other components.

2. Abnormal Damage During Urban Road Work

When asphalt was added to urban roads earlier, some manhole covers were not lifted and were still buried under the asphalt pavement. When carrying out road maintenance and milling operations, since the asphalt layer of this kind of road surface is not thick, generally 4cm, it is very easy for the milling drum to plan the manhole cover, which directly causes some cutter heads to break, and in severe cases, the cutter seat falls off. The clinker belt can also be cut.

3. The Wear of the Cutter Head and Other Components

The throwing plate cannot remove the waste from the milling chamber in time, so the waste in the milling chamber will continuously rub against the cutter head and the cutter seat; and because of the large amount of waste inside, the effect of the spray device will be greatly reduced. , which aggravates the wear and tear. At the same time, due to the reduced working efficiency of the throwing plate, the accumulation of waste will also form resistance to the forward direction of the milling machine, causing the track to slip and the wear of the track shoe to increase.

4. Other Reasons

The cooling spray device failed, resulting in increased temperature of the cutter head and increased wear; when milling cement pavement, the cutter head was cracked and broken due to excessive speed; when the work was stopped, the milling drum was not cleaned, and the cutter head and cutter head The gap between the seats is full of waste materials. When the next work starts, due to the condensation of waste materials and other reasons, the cutter head cannot be rotated, resulting in eccentric grinding.

So, how can we avoid the above situation from happening? Correct operation technique is essential, reasonable use, frequent inspection and maintenance, regular cleaning, and severe wear of the cutter head should be replaced in time to avoid greater wear.


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