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Tractor Repair Notes

There are various approaches to repair and maintain tractors, but they can be generally divided into the following three. You are supposed to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and choose the most suitable way to repair your tractor.

Repair approaches

  1. After-sales service of the manufacturer

After-sales service usually has a high repair quality. However, after-sales service generally has a certain warranty period. Once the warranty period is over, the repair cost is usually expensive.

  1. Agricultural machinery repair agency

The repair quality of different agencies varies greatly. Professional repair agencies have systematic testing and maintenance programs, which can effectively ensure the repair quality. But some agencies really have some problems such as unreasonable repair and insufficient technical strength. In addition, the repair costs are not uniform so that it’s difficult for you to choose a credible agency who provides a reasonable price.

  1. DIY (do it yourself)

There is no doubt that the most cost-effective way to repair is DIY. Common failures of tractors are usually related to the spare parts. Almost all the the wearing parts can be bought yourself easily with low costs and some of them are very easy for the individuals to replace. But for some difficult problems, you have to seek professional help.

Choose parts repair or replacement?

When the tractor breaks down, usually you have to choose repair some parts or replace them. So it’s better for you to have a preliminary identification of maintenance methods. If the damaged parts are easy-to-buy and produced in batches, the replacement method should be selected first to avoid excessive consumption of parts processing and maintenance. For some special parts, usually you can only repair or purchase them from the manufacturer. For parts that are very easy to repair, it’s usually cost less to repair than replace.


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