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High Quality Turbocharger For Komatsu S4D102E Engine

Do you know the advantages of the Komatsu S4D102E Engine? Komatsu sells so hotly in the world, that it is very important that its engine has something special. S4D102E is a representative engine. But do you know why it is representative?

Komatsu S4D102E Engine

        That’s because the S4D102E engine complies with strict emission regulations: US EPA standard (2001 regulation), European regulation in 2002, Japanese construction equipment regulation in 2003, it is a high-performance, high-efficiency, low-fuel consumption, low-noise engine that improves Exhaust color, improved acceleration performance. The S4D102E engine is an in-line, 6-cylinder, water-cooled, direct-injection engine. The S4D102E engine adopts an electronically controlled common rail fuel injection system, which injects high-pressure fuel at high pressure to provide optimal injection control to match speed and load, thereby improving engine emission performance, reducing fuel consumption and noise. The piston of the S4D102E is made of high-quality steel, cast in a vibration-cooled furnace, and has Komatsu’s traditional minimum thermal expansion, resulting in improved engine reliability and longevity.

S4D102E adopts an electronically controlled common rail fuel injection system and the design of optimal dispersion characteristics at low-temperature starting, which improves the starting performance and reduces the emission of white smoke. The turbocharger is improved so that the air supply circulation part can control the end of the compressor. shocks for optimum performance, a wider speed range from low to high speeds and lower fuel consumption. The increased thickness of the top surface of the cylinder block prevents deformation after the long-term operation while making remanufacturing easier. In addition, the rigidity of the main body is improved by increasing the rigidity of the main reinforcement, the deformation and vibration under the load are reduced, and the generation of various noises is prevented. The size of the fuel supply pump of the electronically controlled common rail fuel injection system is 1/3 of the fuel supply pump of the ordinary in-line fuel injection system. In addition, the flange is used instead of the mounting seat, which is closely connected with the timing gearbox to reduce noise. The air filter is changed from an ordinary end face seal to a radial seal to prevent dust from entering and damaging parts.

  Komatsu S4D102E Engine

        In addition, a 5-segment display-type air filter clogging sensor provides accurate information on cleaning time. The oil filter is a filter that combines high performance and high efficiency. The fuel filter is a high-performance, high-efficiency special fuel filter, which can filter out small particles of dirt and protect the electronically controlled common rail fuel injection system. If the electronic control unit judges that the engine is working abnormally, a warning will be issued and the system will be transferred to emergency escape mode. When the S4D102E engine is started at a very low temperature, if the engine speed suddenly increases, the overload will be too high before sufficient lubrication The load applied to the bearing will reduce the service life of the engine, especially the overload will damage the floating bearing of the turbocharger. In order to prevent this from happening, a turbine protection system is installed to limit the engine speed.

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