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How to Remove the Valve Seat From a Cylinder Head?

Valve seats play a very important role in the cylinder head, it can be rapid cooling and rapid cooling, so that the plate surface seal, to avoid gas leakage. The valve is designed in an ambient shape and is pressurized to the cylinder head. If the valve is damaged, broken, air-dried or damaged in any way, it can be cleaned and cleaned. Depending on the shape of the paper and the safe, a variety of techniques and tools can be used to remove the card. The service personnel shall use the best technology to disassemble the seat system.

Valve Seat

Step 1

Place the cylinder head (or cylinder heads) face up on a hard surface. Thoroughly clean all surfaces of carbon deposit, coking discoloration, oil, soot and foreign matters with carburetor and wire brush. Scrub the valve seat surface and combustion chamber until it shines. Clean the outside of the head in the same way. Dry with a rag. Use a magnifying glass to check all valve seat areas, combustion chamber top and head mating surfaces for fine line cracks or holes. If there is any deformity, replace the head.

Step 2

Place the cylinder head in the oven. Place the burning side down on the grille frame. Raise the oven temperature to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Let it stand for about 30 minutes. Open the door. Put on asbestos gloves and pull out the grill. Use the long handle channel lock to turn the head over. Pay attention to whether any seats fall off and fall off freely. When the head is still hot, use a scraper cone to pry open the lips on the valve and release them.

Step 3

Place the cylinder head in a large vise. Place several layers of rags between the jaw and the head surface and tighten the vice. Place a sharp fine chisel on the outermost lip of the valve seat, and then hit the end of the chisel with a medium-sized hammer. Try tapping upwards and horizontally. Do not strike hard to drive the chisel into the counterbore of the cylinder head. Many seats can be removed in this way.

Step 4

Turn your head over with a vice so that the air inlet and exhaust ports are facing you. Shine a flashlight in the port to see if the edge of the valve seat lip can be found. If you can see a lip, place a long punch at the end of the seat and hit the punch with a hammer. This method is applicable to some specific brands and models of magnetic heads.

Step 5

Use the die grinder and die grinder drill bit to process the old valve seat. The method is to drill a hole gently downward on the valve seat. Be careful not to grind the valve seat and enter the head. When the seat is damaged and starts to rotate, use a scraper cone or chisel to take it out. This method is applicable to cast iron seat with aluminum head.

Install a cutting bit on the die grinder whose size is slightly smaller than the width of the valve seat. Carefully cut into the seat ring until it weakens. Do not cut into the head material. Pry out the seat with a chisel or scraper cone.

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