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What are Pistons and How do They Get Damaged?

Because a diesel piston is such an important component of any engine, we’ve put together a simple guide to explain what a diesel piston is, how it works, what causes piston part damage, and how to avoid it. Subscribe to our Landtopmall and we’ll give you more on this.

How do Diesel Pistons Work?

A diesel piston is a metal cylinder that moves up and down inside the engine cylinder during the combustion cycle and is connected to the engine’s crankshaft through a connecting rod. When a piston moves downward, it sucks air and fuel into the cylinder, which is subsequently compressed when the piston rises upward.

A piston’s other key role is to create a low-pressure zone inside the cylinder, which opposes the higher air pressure outside the cylinder. In a diesel engine, a piston serves as the lowest section of the combustion chamber, absorbing heat from combustion and channeling it away from the metal temperature to keep it below acceptable limits.


 What Causes Damage to Engine Piston Parts?

We’ve created a list of the most common and specific causes of piston damage so you can recognize the problem before it impacts the engine.

Common Causes of Piston Damage

  1. BurnedPiston

Once the top of the engine has been removed, a charred piston can be seen immediately. Present symptoms of melting, as well as a burned hole in the piston, should be visible. Dirty fuel injectors are the most common cause of a burned diesel piston.

  1. CrackedPiston

Continued usage of low-quality fuel can lead to cracked pistons. A damaged piston could also be the result of the exhaust gas recirculation system failing.

  1. Broken Timing Belt

The timing belt is crucial because it ensures that the pistons and valves operate in exact synchronization. When the belt snaps, it may produce a collision between the two, resulting in more damage. It’s critical to change the timing belt according to the car manufacturer’s directions to avoid the timing belt snapping.

If your engine has a similar situation, then I suggest you check the machine as soon as possible to see where the damage occurs. The piston is an important part of the engine. A good piston can greatly improve the working efficiency of the engine. Pistons on this Kubota v3800t are a good choice.


Specific Causes of Piston Damage

  1. Worn Piston Rings for Diesel Engines

White smoke emerging from the exhaust pipe, limited acceleration power, overall power loss, and a considerable reduction in engine oil level are all indicators of worn diesel piston rings.

Because the seal between the piston and the cylinder is no longer airtight, the oil will seep into the crankcase and the firing chamber, and your engine may show these indicators of piston ring damage.

Because the diesel rings circle around the piston and acts as a buffer between the combustion chamber and the crankcase, encircling the crankshaft, worn diesel piston rings are a major source of piston damage. Diesel rings are in charge of transferring heat away from the cylinder wall and regulating oil temperature.

Piston rings do wear out, and it isn’t much you can do about it. However, replacing them on a regular basis before they wear out can help prevent engine harm.

  1. Damage to the Piston Skirt

Rubble entering the air filtration system is the principal source of damage to the piston skirt. This can cause the piston to rock within the cylinder, wearing down the skirt, making it thinner and weaker, and eventually destroying the piston.

  1. Snapping Piston

If your car begins to make a rattling or knocking noises after it has warmed up, this could indicate that there is a wide gap between the piston and the cylinder wall.

Let us know your engine number and the problems you’re having so we can assist you. With many years of experience, Landtopmall is a diesel engine specialist. With our expertise in diesel systems, we provide efficient repair and rebuild solutions for aging engines that require professional maintenance at our engine machining facilities.


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