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What Are the Misunderstandings That Cause Damage to the Oil Cylinder?

The oil cylinder is one of the most important parts of the excavator. The improper operation will damage the function of the oil cylinder. Next, the editor of LandTopMall will introduce to you what are the misunderstandings of the oil cylinder damage operation? Correctly mastering the operation method of the oil cylinder can save you more money and prolong the life of the excavator. However, if the cylinder of your excavator has been damaged and you need to replace such spare parts, you can contact LandTopMall’s spare parts experts for consultation and purchase.



Oil Cylinder

1. The working device is not fully recovered before walking
If the working device is not fully retracted, the bucket will easily hit the rock, and the cylinder piston will generate a large load, which will cause internal damage to the cylinder and the cracking around the pin shaft.

2. Digging with walking force
Hydraulic oil is easily emulsified and deteriorated after being mixed with water, and entering the hydraulic system will cause rust of excavator parts. The rust slag flows in the hydraulic system for a long time, the hydraulic pressure will be affected, and the action of the big arm and the bucket will become weak.

3. The cylinder rod is extended to the limit for excavation
The hydraulic cylinder is stretched to the end position. In this case, the working cylinder and the frame will generate a large load. The impact of the bucket teeth and the impact of each shaft pin will cause damage to the inside of the cylinder and affect other hydraulic components.

4. The rear of the crawler floats up for excavation work
The excavation work is carried out using the force of the rear of the excavator body floating. When the bucket is separated from the rock when the car body falls, a large load is generated on the bucket, configuration, frame, slewing bearing, etc., and it is easy to cause damage.

5. The excavator starts work before it stands firm
On a gravel road with uneven pavement, the excavator starts to work when the excavator is not stopped, which will cause uneven stress on the lower frame, in the long run, causing damage to the lower frame. It is best to pad some soil below to make the ground stable, and then work again.

Therefore, if the excavator can work for a long time, it is necessary to do these small things at ordinary times. When there is a problem, you can buy it in our mall. We sell various accessories suitable for the Kubota v2607-t engine, as well as accessories from major brands.

The slow and weak rotation of excavators is one of the common hydraulic faults. I believe everyone has encountered them, which are mainly manifested in slow and weak rotation speed, incoherent movements, and sometimes abnormal noises. When there is abnormal noise, but you can’t judge by yourself, you can call (+852) 63548665 to consult our accessories experts, and they will give you the best solution. In addition, the major accessories for the 4d32 engine have very good sales and praise on our website.


excavator parts
Working Principle:

During work, when the operating handle is placed in the rotary position, the control oil reaches the control valve, and pushes the rotary valve stem to make the high-pressure oil provided by the rear working oil pump enter the rotary motor; The pressure of the moving release valve increases pushes the valve stem to make another auxiliary pressure oil enter the brake piston, opens the swing brake device, and makes the swing motor act; the swing motor outputs power through the pinion of the transmission, and the pinion and the swing tooth The ring meshes to produce a rotating action.

1. The overload safety valve of the excavator rotary motor is worn.
2. The holding pressure and servo pressure of the P1 pump at no-load and load conditions are lower than the calibration values.
3. Excavator accessories stick load check valve seat wear.
Troubleshooting method:
1. Start the machine and make a rotating action. Carefully observe that the rotating platform can swing on both sides during the rotating action. There is an abnormal noise when swinging, and it is obvious that the machine is stuck. Then it can be judged that the internal fault of the slewing reduction mechanism, or the fault at the connection between the slewing mechanism and the slewing bearing.
2. Remove a circle of bolts connecting the slewing mechanism and the slewing platform, hoist the slewing mechanism assembly, check the connection between the slewing mechanism and the slewing bearing, and find that the slewing driving gear and the slewing ring gear are normal.
3. Disassemble and inspect the rotary reducer, and found that the primary reduction center gear is seriously worn, and the secondary reduction support frame is damaged.
4. Since the excavator of the machine owner is within the warranty period, the fault is eliminated after replacing the new slewing mechanism assembly.


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