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What Are the More Common Excavator Attachments?

There is much auxiliary operating equipment at the front end of the excavator, and the variety is complete. According to statistics, there are about 20 kinds of excavator attachments that can handle various messy working conditions, but many customers know little about them. Today I will introduce some of the more common devices for your reference.

Excavator Accessories – Breaker

The breaker is also called the hydraulic breaker, and in the south, the breaker is also called the gun head. It is mainly used for mining and concrete blasting.

Hydraulic Shears, Excavator Accessories

Hydraulic shears, also known as hydraulic pliers, are mainly used for the demolition of high-rise buildings, and their power is much higher than that of breakers.

Excavator Accessories – Vibration Tamping

A vibratory compactor, also known as a hydraulic compactor or road roller, is mainly used for the protection of hydraulic slopes and the construction of high-speed railway slopes. A single mini excavator is equipped with a compactor for compacting the roots of high-rise buildings.

Excavator Accessories – Quick Connector

Quick couplers, also known as quick couplers, are specially designed for switching hammers (or other equipment) and buckets. Generally, skilled operators can switch equipment in 30 seconds, but it used to take 40 to 60 minutes and more than two people to operate.

Excavator Accessories – Loose

Scarifiers, also known as earth breakers, are mainly used for weathering fossil buildings. The working conditions are layered and easy to use. The bucket is hard to dig, and the breaker is a bit wasteful. At this time, the use of scarifiers will greatly improve the construction power. First, separate the soil or regolith layer with a ripper, then load the excavator with a quick-connect bucket.

Excavator Accessories – Wood Gripper

Timber grippers, also known as wood grippers, are divided into hydraulic grippers and mechanical grippers. Hydraulic grippers are divided into hydraulic rotary grippers and fixed grippers. Wood grabbers can be designed and retrofitted from scratch with claws. It is mainly used to grab wood and bamboo. Loading and unloading are very quick and easy.

Hydraulic Rock Drill

Hydraulic rock drills, also known as drilling rigs, are mainly used for mine blasting construction.

In addition to the above front-end replacement excavator attachments, there are many types. It seems that in addition to playing the rotating bucket, the excavator must be proficient in various technologies and develop in an all-around way. However, when it comes to the various operations of excavator attachments, many times they do not know that there are reasons for the industry here, and there are reasons for the lack of outside attention, and many manufacturers do not advertise their accessories too much. As a result, many people only know that excavators can only dig soil, and the zenith is aware of a scratched wood and a broken hammer, and other accessories do not know what else. There are also Con Rod Bearings 4284397 and various brands of main bearings.


Excavator Attachments


The various operational features of excavator attachments have finally come to the end of the machine’s use, which has gone a lot faster than the previous single-use. This is one of the reasons why engineering work is heating up. For one reason, people are not limited to collecting items to make money, but there are many ways to make money, such as digging, loading, crushing, cutting, compacting, milling, pushing, clamping, grabbing, shoveling, loosening, screening, lifting and other operations.

Shovels are divided into many categories. There are special excavations, special excavation rocks, wider shovels, and various types of shovels, which can be changed to suit different construction conditions. There are also emergency shovels designed for use in the sea or river. This shovel greatly enriches the operation plan of the hand and is not limited to engineering.

If you’re not the one doing the job, you shouldn’t know that excavators can still loosen the soil. This is the same as plowing the field every hour. There is a fence that can be inserted into the ground to relax. This equipment is designed according to the size of the excavator. The thicker the material selected by the excavator, the higher the requirements for welding. Generally, regular manufacturers are required to require welding inspection equipment to ensure the quality of the factory. It is mainly used for the construction of weathered stone, and the working conditions are good. It’s easier to use, dig the bucket and scoop it out. Broken hammers are a bit easy to waste, and using a tensioner greatly increases building power. LandTopMall provides the most professional service and the best products, such as Komatsu 6150-21-8010 main bearing and various excavator accessories.

After my brief introduction to the excavator attachments above. You should already know about excavator attachments. If you have purchase needs of excavator accessories recently, please log in to LandTopMall’s official website or call (+852) 63548665, we will provide you with the most professional and high-quality services, and our services will satisfy you.


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