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What are the Symptoms of a Broken Diesel Exhaust Valve?

An exhaust valve is also called an oil separator and pressure control valve. It is installed between the compressor outlet and the condenser inlet to improve the heat transfer in the condenser and evaporator by separating. So what are the symptoms of a broken diesel exhaust valve? Next, let’s explain it to you.

Broken Symptoms of Diesel Exhaust Valve:

A faulty diesel exhaust valve will cause the exhaust gas recirculation valve to not close tightly and the fault light will flash.

The reason for this abnormal phenomenon is that when the cylinder is connected to the exhaust manifold and the exhaust gas recirculation line is working, the exhaust gas after combustion of the cylinder enters the intake pipe through the exhaust gas recirculation valve. The mixture at idle speed is removed, so that the work of all cylinders of the engine is in an abnormal state; but if the cylinder connecting the exhaust manifold to the exhaust gas recirculation line is unplugged from the high-voltage line, because the cylinder is not ignited, at this time The fresh air mixture that enters the intake pipe through the exhaust gas recirculation valve is the fresh air mixture discharged from the cylinder without combustion, which greatly improves the air mixture quality of the other three cylinders, and the idle speed of the engine naturally increases instead of falling. Therefore, when checking the fault of the unstable idling speed of the engine, if the engine speed does not drop but rises when a cylinder is misfired, it should be immediately thought that this is caused by the failure of the exhaust gas recirculation valve not closing tightly.

If your diesel engine is experiencing similar symptoms, quickly check which part is broken. If it is confirmed that it is the problem with the engine exhaust valve, then I recommend that you replace it as soon as possible, and continue to use the bad exhaust valve, which is not good for the entire engine. In our Landtopmall, the exhaust valves for 4tnv94 models, and Kubota m96s models are of high quality and are sure to give your engine a new look.

exhaust valve

Effects of Damaged Exhaust Valve:

  1. After the exhaust valve is damaged, the amount of exhaust gas circulation cannot be controlled, and excessive exhaust gas participating in the recirculation will affect the ignition and performance of the mixture, thereby affecting the power of the engine, especially at idle speed, low speed, low load, and cold engine. , the recirculated exhaust gas can significantly affect the engine performance.
  2. After the exhaust valve is damaged, it will cause the car to burn oil and cause serious blue smoke in the exhaust. The reason is that the waste gas valve is also equivalent to an oil and gas separator, which only absorbs waste gas but not oil when it works normally. When the exhaust valve is damaged and loses the oil-gas separation function, it also sucks in the oil while inhaling, so that the oil enters the intake port and the combustion chamber, resulting in the phenomenon of oil burning, and the blue smoke of the exhaust is serious.

exhaust valve

After understanding the impact of the damaged exhaust valve, come to our Landtopmall to buy it.

The knowledge about the symptoms of diesel exhaust valve failure is introduced here. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about diesel exhaust valves, come to us to subscribe to Landtopmall, and you will read about knowledge of engine accessories as soon as possible.


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